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What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching, and Leading

Foreword by John Hattie, Introduction by Alma Harris, Copublication with OPC and ACEL

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January 2019 | 400 pages | Corwin

Shared knowledge between educators breeds shared success in all systems and schools  

Comprehensive in scope, CLARITY illustrates how system and school leaders must come together to boost student achievement and build teacher capacity to learn, teach and lead. By emphasizing collaborative processes, Lyn Sharratt’s detailed design demonstrates how shared knowledge, equity and expertise can make every classroom more impactful and every teacher more empowered. Readers will uncover these ‘Big Ideas’:

  • 14 essential Parameters to guide system and school leaders toward building powerful collaborative learning cultures
  • Case studies, vignettes and firsthand accounts from gifted teachers and leaders bring important theories and practices to life
  • From all points in the organization, a ‘line-of-sight’ directly to students’ FACES in every classroom to ensure continuous improvement
  • Data-driven tasks and tools to tackle solutions needed in all facets of education

With more than four decades of research, writing and practical experience in system, school, and classroom improvement, Sharratt provides a ‘why-and-how-to guide’ to assist educators across the globe as they solve 21st century-created problems and identify the much-needed learning critical to the success of our future citizens. 

List of Online Resources
List of Acronyms
Foreword by John Hattie
About the Author
In Memoriam
Introduction by Alma Harris
Chapter 1. CLARITY: The 14 Parameters: A Learning Framework
The Third Teacher: Creating a Collaborative Culture of Learning

Introduction to the 14 Parameters

Achieve CLARITY Using the 14 Parameters

How to Begin Implementing the 14 Parameters

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 2. CLARITY: Knowing the FACES of Learners
Achieving Because They Believe They Can

Parameter #1: Shared Beliefs and Understandings

Parameter #14: Shared Responsibility and Accountability

Putting FACES on the Data

Powerful Questions to Get to Know Learners and Learning

Parents Are Critical Partners in Knowing Each Learner

Parameter #12: Parents and the Community Are Critical Partners in Learning

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 3. CLARITY: Collaborative Inquiry With Teachers and Leaders
Parameter #11: Collaborative Inquiry

The Value of Collaborative Inquiry

When Do We Inquire Collaboratively? Professional Learning Communities at Work

Lead in Order to Learn and Learn in Order to Lead

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 4. CLARITY in Teaching: Assessment
Parameter #3: Quality Assessment Informs Instruction

Formative and Summative Assessment

Debriefing Each Component of the Assessment Waterfall Chart

Learning Walls Capture the Ongoing Assessment Journey

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 5. CLARITY in Teaching: Instruction
Parameter #3: Assessment Informs Instruction and Parameter #13: Cross-Curricular Literacy Connections

Literacy Learning Is the Foundation of All Instruction

Eight Components of High-Impact Literacy Instruction

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 6. CLARITY: Processes That Support Collaborative Inquiry With Students
Parameter #14: Shared Responsibility and Accountability

Collaborative Inquiry With Students

Collaborative Inquiry in the Classroom

Three Approaches to Student-Led Collaborative Inquiry

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 7. CLARITY: Using Data for Prevention and Intervention
Parameter #6: Case Management Approach

Prevention: Data Walls

Intervention: Case Management Meetings

Parameter #5: Early and Ongoing Intervention

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 8. CLARITY: The Knowledgeable Other—Leading Alongside
Parameter #2: The Embedded Knowledgeable Other

Six Evidence-Proven Professional Learning Approaches

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

Chapter 9. CLARITY: Precision in Leadership Practice
Parameter #4: Principals and System Leaders as Lead Learners

The Six Dimensions of Leadership

The New Sixth Leadership Dimension

System Leadership in Action

School Leadership in Action

Principal Learning Teams

Learning Walks and Talks: Leading to Ensure the Growth of All Students

A Deliberate Pause to Create CLARITY

CLARITY: Leadership for the Future


Afterword by Melanie Greenan
Glossary of Terms
References and Further Reading


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ISBN: 9781506358727