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Take a look below at the free resources on children and adolescent therapy. We've put together these pages with videos, sample chapters, questionnaires and various other useful resources to help you get started.


Starting Out Getting started as a counsellor of children and young  people can be challenging. For instance knowing exactly how to get an  aggressive, misbehaving or scared child to open up and talk, is a skill  that can take time to learn. We’ve put together some advice and  information covering some of the topics that students or new  counsellors might struggle with at first. 


Counselling Skills Counsellors of children and young people are  required to provide counselling for individuals with different characters,  different problems, and of different ages. Here we share a collection of  materials with advice and guidance on these necessary skills.


Ethics When working with children and young people, many students  can find it a challenge to ensure they are being mindful of the ethical  implications they should be aware of when working with this client  group. We share here a collection of advice and guidance which we  hope will help them to continue to practice ethically and answer some  of the questions they might have. 


Practice tips We share here a small collection of practice tips and  guidance which we hope will be useful for your students when they are  preparing to work with children and young people. 


Child and adolescent mental health We share some guidance and  case studies on different mental health conditions which we hope will  help your students to approach young clients more effectively and to  take the appropriate measures where necessary.