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Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in Primary Schools

Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in Primary Schools
A whole school approach

First Edition

June 2017 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
The mental health and emotional wellbeing of children is fantastically important. It has a huge impact on learning and development and more and more, there is recognition of the importance of mental health for everyone. Despite this, many school staff feel overwhelmed and lack confidence when it comes to dealing with these issues in their classrooms.

This new text is written for all those working in primary schools. It supports schools to develop strategies to enhance the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing, to work on preventative strategies and to support children when they need more intervention. The text explores what we mean by mental health and wellbeing.

Many children will not reach the threshold for clinical diagnosis, but they nonetheless need support. This text will outline lots of effective strategies for working with children who are struggling to manage the school day. It offers advice for engaging meaningfully with parents and considers the importance of working with school staff to ensure they are fully supported.
Children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing
Promoting a whole school approach
Positive self-esteem
Supporting a positive body image
Families and supporting mental health
Bullying, social media and promoting resilience
The need for inclusivity
What can we do to help?
Who’s looking after who?

Mental health is a growing area of concern and has been raised in many of my classes. It is important that students are aware of both good mental health and poor mental health. This book is definitely worth a read and one i will recommend.

Mrs pamela canning
early, North West Institute
January 6, 2020

Excellent book in view of the focus of mental health for children. BA student used for her dissertation in this area. Will be putting on reading list for Foundation and BA programmes. Only one copy was allowed from budget, but students encouraged to purchase as on reading list.

Mrs Susan Wakeham
Health, Social Care & Early Years Dept, Warwickshire College
December 2, 2019

This text uses appropriate terminology to support level 3 learning. the text uses examples throughout to support understanding.

Mrs leanne Hall
International & Continuing Education, Tyne Metropolitan College
May 2, 2019

This book provides a comprehensive and holistic overview of mental health and emotional wellbeing of primary aged children. The authors make clear links between theory and practice providing relevant evidence based suggestions for practice. Including reference to teacher standards adds an additional rationale for the need to focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Mrs Sian Templeton
Department of Education, Gloucestershire University
October 3, 2017

Well written and accessible text which presents essential information for school practitioners. Reflections, summaries and reference to teacher standards, establishes excellent link between theory and practice.

Mrs Paula Hamilton
Division of Social Sciences and Education, Glyndwr University
July 26, 2017

This is a well written and researched text, definitely a must read for anyone involved in working with children. This is especially pertinent to those allied to the teaching profession, who have undeniably a significant role to play in supporting children’s mental health and well-being, within the classroom environment.

The authors situate appropriately the real context of metal health issues in children, demonstrating a powerful understanding of prevention strategies, support schemes and evaluation of the problems identified or approaches reviewed. They effectively give issue to the prevalence and commonality of mental health conditions, the implications of this knowledge being of relevance for all teachers and support staff if they are to protect our children from further harm. This is presented in case study format to facilitate problem focused thinking for the reader.

Throughout the text there are effective use of reflections, which considers the salient points of the chapter and focus key aspects of the text for the reader. However, the unique selling point is the appreciation of the close links prevention and support for mental health awareness have to the Teaching Standards.

A text which is easy to read, but combines the most current and up-to-date facts and features of mental health and well-being issue in early childhood.

Dr Jackie Elizabeth Williams
Education, Edge Hill University
August 29, 2017

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