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Childhood in Society for the Early Years

Childhood in Society for the Early Years

Fourth Edition

January 2020 | 200 pages | Learning Matters

Childhood can only be understood in relation to the multitude of social factors which surround it. 

This book is written for students of degrees and foundation degrees in Early Years, Early Childhood Studies and related disciplines. It offers an introduction to the study of childhood and the different contexts within which childhood exists. The text encourages students to re-think childhood, exploring it from different contexts whether looking at the child within the family, global perspectives or the child's own perspective.  It enables readers to begin to understand childhood in relation to society and to develop the skills to look at childhood from a critical standpoint.

The context of childhood: social understanding of childhood
The historical context: the emergence of childhood
The philosophical context: the early years tradition and evolution of early years provision
The context of the family: first experiences
The context of partnership: children in transition
The context of the setting: childhood institutions
The community context: children as citizens
The national context: children and social policy
The global context: international perspectives
The child’s own context: the child’s voice and agency
The future context: the twenty-first century child
The virtual context: children in a digital world

This is essential reading for all students studying child development.

Ms susan Gunn
Centre For Early Childhood, Worcester University
November 23, 2023

This is a welcome fourth edition of a text that is much appreciated for its sociological approach to understanding children as young citizens. This supports studies on undergraduate early years courses, particularly at levels 4 and 5. Thank you very much.

Mrs Eleonora Teszenyi
Faculty of Education, The Open University
January 7, 2021

I find this book very useful as it touches on different aspects of childhood. The section on global context is very good as it presents other perspectives on childhood in general.

Dr Philomena Abla Osseo-Asare
Public Health & Social Care and Early Childhood Studies, University Centre Croydon
February 18, 2020

An excellent text addressing historical, national, international and contemporary issues of childhood in the early years. Students new to studies of early years education will find this an accessible text to enhance their knowledge and understanding of societal issues of childhood.

Mrs Janet Douglas Gardner
Department of Education, London Metropolitan University
May 7, 2020

Great reading for personal and social development pinned to society and our current understanding of what impacts childhood.

Miss Ruth Benton
Education, University of St Mark And St John
June 10, 2020

This book is user friendly and covers a range of sociological elements. My students love this book!

Mrs Emma Harvey
Education, Suffolk New College
July 24, 2020

Very useful, learners report up to date information regtarding policy within early years useful for unit 400 - theories of development. easy to follow and laid out.

Ms samara marie minnis
Early Years, Swindon College
December 19, 2019

A great introductory read for our students. Gives an overview of some of the central topics relating to early childhood contexts

Dr charlotte jones
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University
June 11, 2020

Key text for our child development module; good to see updates on the digital child.

Mrs Nicola Stobbs
St John's Campus, Worcester University
March 5, 2020