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Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Usha S. Nayar - Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India

November 2012 | 396 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Professionals, academics, and policy makers in the field of child and adolescent development tend to use theoretical frameworks stemming from traditional classified disciplines of psychology, sociology, political science, economics, education, and social work. This book creates an opportunity for experts to use interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives, and provides evidence-based knowledge to deal with the stresses of children and adolescents living in poverty, difficult socioeconomic conditions, and varied cultures.

It also conveys the message that shared understandings can promote well-meaning and well-reasoned intervention success in similar contexts across nations in which children and adolescents are growing up in complex and risky environments.

The contributors, from multiple disciplines, weave their knowledge around the development of children in contemporary society. They highlight the necessary conversations that schools, families, communities, individuals, and nation-states need to have and, most importantly, the responsibility for everyone to develop an understanding of the mental-health needs of the new generation.

Marta Santos Pais

Responding to Scarcity: Understanding Costs and Cost-effectiveness

Martin Knapp and David McDaid
Childhood and Adolescent Depression

Raman Deep Pattanayak and Manju Mehta
Suicidality among Children and Adolescents: Complexities and Challenges

Latha Nrugham and Vandana Varma Prakash
Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in India

Shankar Das, Ashima Das, and George Leibowitz
Youngsters, Antisociality, and Violence: The Case of Norway

Ragnhild Bjørnebekk
Mental Health for the Media Generation: Balancing Coping and Riskiness

Usha S Nayar, Ingunn Hagen, Priya Nayar, and Dan Y Jacobsen
Are Schools Injurious to Health? The Implicit Curriculum and Its Relation to Mental Health

Matthijs Cornelissen
Mental Health of Urban School-Going Children in India

Neharika Vohra and Esha Patnaik
Resilience and Resourcefulness of Disadvantaged Children: Lotus in the Mud

Ajit K Dalal
Family Group Conferencing: Engaging the Family Culture for Improved Children's Mental Health Outcomes

Jeanette Schmid
Behavioral Parent Training with Abusive Parents

Patricia L Kohl
From Institutionalization to Family Settings: Rethinking Practices for Children and Youth with Mental Disabilities in Brazil

Irene Rizzini and Neli de Almeida
Child Welfare and Children's Mental Health Needs in the Context of Development: An Integrated (South African) Approach

Jeanette Schmid
PART SIX: Interventions and Innovative Practices
Effect of Yoga on Mental Health in Children

Shirley Telles
Raga Therapy: Power of Music to Alleviate Academic Stress in Adolescents

Vandana Sharma and Mamta Sharma
Cultivating the Capacity to Care in Children and Youth: Implications from EI Theory, EI Self, and BEVI

Craig N Shealy, Devi Bhuyan, and Lee G Sternberger
Research on Child Poverty and Development from a Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective: Examples of Studies in Argentina

Sebastián Javier Lipina, María Soledad Segretin, María Julia Hermida, and Jorge Augusto Colombo
Countering the Rush to Medication: Psychodynamic, Intergenerational, and Cultural Considerations in Understanding Children's Psychic Distress

Michael O'Loughlin
Family Structure in Ireland and Child Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes

Maeve Thornton
Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Chile and Latin America

Helia Molina, Paula Bedregal, and Maria Paz Guzman
Children's Voices in the Psychologist's Office: Contributions about Mental Health from Peru

Beatriz Oré and Martín Benavides
Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in Contemporary India

Usha S Nayar and Shankar Das


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ISBN: 9788132109655