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Cases in Leadership

Cases in Leadership

Fifth Edition
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June 2018 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Ivey School of Business and SAGE have partnered to offer a distinctive collection of real-world leadership cases 

By connecting theory to practice, this distinctive collection of 30 real-world leadership cases from Ivey Publishing and 15 practitioner readings from the Ivey Business Journal helps students gain a better understanding of leadership and prepares them to be effective leaders today and throughout their future careers. The cases explore integrative issues, such as globalization, diversity, ethical dilemmas, and motivation, giving readers opportunities to confront difficult real-world decisions that have captured the attention of managers in recent years. An invaluable companion to any standard leadership text, this Fifth Edition is fully updated with the most contemporary cases and readings and features a new chapter on followership topics. 
Preface to the Fifth Edition
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Leadership: What is it?
Trait Versus Process

Assigned Versus Emergent

Leadership and Power

Leadership and Coercion

Leadership and Management

The Cases

The Reading

Case 1.1 Leadership at Research in Motion

Case 1.2 House, Hearth and Home: Managing Leadership Change

Reading 1.1 Great Leadership is Good Leadership

Chapter 2: Leadership Trait Approach





The Five-Factor Personality Model

Emotional Intelligence

How Does the Trait Approach Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 2.1 London Health Sciences Centre: Talent Development (A)

Case 2.2 Invictus: Introducing Leadership Competencies, Character and Commitment

Reading 2.1 Leadership Character and Corporate Governance

Chapter 3: Leadership Skills Approach
Katz’s Three-Skills Approach

Leadership Skills Model

Leadership Outcomes

How Does the Leadership Style Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 3.1 Skills for Tomorrow: A Management Team in Crisis

Case 3.2 Performance Coaching: Darcy Gallagher Role

Reading 3.1 Negotiate Your Way to Better Leadership

Chapter 4: Leadership Style Approach
The Ohio State Studies

The University of Michigan Studies

The Blake and Mouton Grid

How Does Leadership Style Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 4.1 Leadership Crisis at Steel Works’ Xiamen Plant

Case 4.2 Huo’s Group: A Professional Manager in a Family Firm in China

Reading 4.1 The Ideal Leader

Chapter 5: Followership
The Origins of Followership

A Practitioner Perspective on Followership

Recent Work on Followership

The Cases

The Reading

Case 5.1 Jones Schilling Employee Coaching Workshop

Case 5.2 Sarah Vickers: Post Acquisition Career Management

Reading 5.1 Followership: The Other Side of Leadership

Chapter 6: The Leader–Member Exchange Theory of Leadership
The Early Studies

The Later Studies

Leadership Making

First Impressions

How Does the LMX Theory of Leadership Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 6.1 Carnegie Industrial: The Leadership Development Centre

Case 6.2 Goran Kapicic at Actavis China

Reading 6.1 How to Build a Healthy Leadership Pipeline

Chapter 7: Transformational Leadership
Charismatic Leadership

A Transformational Leadership Model

Transformational Leadership Factors

Transactional Leadership Factors

The Nonleadership Factor

Other Perspectives of Transformational Leadership

How Does the Transformational Leadership Approach Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 7.1 Bank of Baroda: Leadership Challenges

Case 7.2 Transforming Icrisat: The Leadership of Dr. William Dar

Reading 7.1 Transformational Performance-Based Leadership: Addressing Non-Routine Adaptive Challenges

Chapter 8: Servant Leadership
How Does Servant Leadership Work?

Criticisms and Observations about Servant Leadership

The Cases

The Reading

Case 8.1 Veja: Sneakers with a Conscience

Case 8.2 St. John the Compassionate Mission: Organizational Culture and Leadership

Reading 8.1 Learning from Gandhi on His Birthday

Chapter 9: Authentic Leadership
Authentic Leadership Defined

Theoretical Approaches

Practical Approaches

How Does Authentic Leadership Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 9.1 Ing Direct Canada: Are You Suffering?

Case 9.2 The Awethu Project: Values-Driven Decisions for Profit and Social Impact

Reading 9.1 Leadership Perfected: Leading from the Whole You

Chapter 10: Adaptive Leadership
Practicing Adaptive Leadership

Leadership in the New Reality

The Cases

The Reading

Case 10.1 Schneider Electric India: Leadership Challenges

Case 10.2 Carmichael Outreach: A New Leader Takes Charge

Reading 10.1 Good Leaders Never Stop Learning

Chapter 11: Team Leadership
The Team Leadership Model

How Does the Team Leadership Model Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 11.1 Scotiabank: Collaboration across Business Lines

Case 11.2 Nedbank: Coaching Capabilities for Growth Strategy Execution

Reading 11.1 Nine Ways that Business Leaders Can Put Out any Fire

Chapter 12: Strategic Leadership
Six Components of Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership Versus Leadership

Positional Versus Behavioral

The Cases

The Reading

Case 12.1 Constructing the Medupi Power Station

Case 12.2 Ratan Tata: Ethical Leadership

Reading 12.1 Strategic Leadership: Short-Term Stability and Long-Term Viability

Chapter 13: Women and Leadership
Gender: Examining Leadership Style and Effectiveness

The Glass Ceiling Turned Labyrinth

Explaining the Labyrinth

Navigating the Labyrinth

The Cases

The Reading

Case 13.1 Calvert Investments: Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability

Case 13.2 Women Board Directors: Championing The Tough Issues

Reading 13.1 Gender Equality: Coming Soon to Emerging Markets Near You

Chapter 14: Culture and Leadership
Culture, Diversity, Ethnocentrism, and Prejudice

Cultural Dimensions

Leadership Behavior and Culture Clusters

The Cases

The Reading

Case 14.1 Tata: Leadership with Trust

Case 14.2 Working Cross Culturally: Forget “Business as Usual”

Reading 14.1 Taking the Leadership Leap: Developing an Executive Pipeline for India’s Future

Chapter 15: Ethical Leadership
A Definition of Ethics

Ethical Theories

The Centrality of Ethics to Leadership

Ethical Leadership: The Perspectives of Several Leadership Scholars

Ethical Leadership Principles

How Does Ethical Leadership Work?

The Cases

The Reading

Case 15.1 ORNGE: A Crisis at Ontario’s Air Ambulance Service

Case 15.2 Sibanye: Changing Mindsets in Mining Through Contextual Leadership

Reading 15.1 Ethical Leadership Then and Now



Instructor Resource Site

Instructor Resource Site

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