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Case Study Analysis in the Classroom

Case Study Analysis in the Classroom
Becoming a Reflective Teacher

First Edition

November 2004 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Presented in an engaging and stimulating manner, Case Study Analysis in the Classroom: Becoming a Reflective Teacher provides beginning teachers a variety of typical classroom problems to analyze and solve. Solving the case study problems helps new teachers develop the knowledge bases they need to solve real problems in their own classrooms. More than a book of cases, it is an important starting point for students learning about case study research, especially the analysis of cases and their potential uses in the classroom. In addition, readers will also be guided through the process of reflective problem solving, developing an educational philosophy, and writing their own case studies
Introduction to the Book and Case Study Analysis
Introduction to Case Studies
Learning to Use Case Studies to Solve Classroom Problems
Case Study One - Antonio Johnson

Case Study Two - Charlie Yazzie

Case Study Three - Hannah Wagner

Case Study Four - Amy Silver

The Process and Content of Reflection
Introduction to Reflective Problem Solving
Developing an Educational Philosophy
Using Case Studies to Reflect Upon and Analyze Educational Issues
Case Studies of Students with Exceptional Needs
Case Study Five - Gabe Silva, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder Student

Case Study Six - Lashandra Jones, Underachieving Student

Case Study Seven -William "Billy" Stark, Behavior Disorder Student

Case Study Eight - The Kitipitiyangkul Twins, Bilingual Education

Case Study Nine - Amy Briggs, Reluctant Reader

Case Studies of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Case Study Ten - The Case of the Inattentive Children

Case Study Eleven - High Stakes Assessment and the Biology Teacher

Case Study Twelve - The Case of Forced Scaffolding

Case Study Thirteen - The Case of the Mismatched Assessment

Case Studies of Classroom and School Context
Case Study Fourteen - The Case of the Wandering Student

Case Study Fifteen - The Case of the Black/White Question

Case Study Sixteen - The Case of the Cultural Clash

Case Study Seventeen - The Case of "How Can There Not Be a Christmas?"

Creating Your Own Case Study
Developing Your Own Case Study

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