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Business Ethics

Business Ethics
The Sustainable and Responsible Way

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February 2024 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Business Ethics: The Sustainable and Responsible Way provides a fresh, contemporary, and hands-on approach to business ethics, emphasizing practical skills.

This practical approach is supported through a rich array of short and long case studies from across the globe, including countries such as the UK, Australia, the US, India, China, Nigeria and Ghana. Cases feature companies such as Patagonia, the Aravind Eye Clinic, Merck and LEGO and examine topics such as the gig economy, fast fashion, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and space exploration. Accompanying questions also encourage reflection and the skills needed to apply theory to real-life scenarios.

This textbook is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of business ethics, as well as those studying business and society, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and responsible management. Online resources include PowerPoint slides and a Teaching Guide.

Dr Sunil G. Savur is a Business Ethics lecturer and researcher at the University of South Australia, Adelaide.


Part I: Introduction and Theories
Chapter 1: Introduction, history, and purpose of business
Chapter 2: Contested values and stakeholder management
Chapter 3: Ethical Approaches – understanding normative ethical theories
Chapter 4: Ethical Decision-Making – understanding descriptive ethical theories
Chapter 5: Business Ethics across Cultures
Part II: Ethical Issues in Business
Chapter 6: Ethical Problems for employees, managers, and organisations
Chapter 7: Sustainability and the ESG Criteria
Chapter 8: Corporate Social Responsibility and World Benefit
Chapter 9: Global Strategies and Ethics
Chapter 10: Responsible Leadership in Business Ethics
Part III: New Horizons
Chapter 11: Spirituality in Management
Chapter 12: Future Issues and Directions

The book takes an international approach and explores contemporary issues in addition to highlighting ethical issues that relate to artificial intelligence.

Dr Shitnaan Emmanuel Wapmuk
Business School, Liverpool Hope University
June 14, 2024

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