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BUNDLE: Fennell, The Formative 5 Book + On-Your-Feet Guide to The Formative 5

BUNDLE: Fennell, The Formative 5 Book + On-Your-Feet Guide to The Formative 5

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June 2019 | Corwin

This bundle includes Bestselling The Formative 5: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom and the new On-Your-Feet Guide to The Formative 5. Combined this package becomes your go-to resources for content study and easy in-class implementation of The Formative Five.  

“This highly practical and readable book gets right down into the detail of what good formative assessment looks like in math classrooms, and shows how teachers can make this a part of their regular planning and instruction.”
—Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, University College

“The On-Your-Feet Guide provides a great reminder of the 5 strategies for formative assessment.  It is a great way to increase the impact on mathematics education in the classroom.  It’s a must-have to keep those strategies fresh in your mind.  Too often we forget the key ideas from a book- this guide serves as a quick reminder of the key points.”

—Kevin Dykema, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Mattawan, MI

The Formative 5 Book

NCTM Past President, Francis “Skip” Fennell, and nationally-recognized mathematics educators Beth McCord Kobett and Jonathan (Jon) Wray, offer five of the most impactful, proven assessment techniques—Observations, Interviews, “Show Me,” Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks— you can implement, every day.

K-8 teachers of mathematics will learn to

  • Focus on assessment for learning rather than assessment of learning
  • Directly connect assessment to planning and in-the-moment instruction
  • Implement effective classroom questioning, discussions, and learning tasks
  • Provide success criteria and feedback that moves students forward
  • Integrate the Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Activate student self-assessors who take ownership of their learning 

Includes a book study guide, tools and templates, and a companion website with downloadables and multi-media examples of student discussion in the classroom. The Formative 5 will help you build your mathematics-related formative assessment capacity through daily use of these five key techniques.

The On-Your-Feet Guide to The Formative 5

Laminated, 8.5”x11” tri-fold (6 pages), 3-hole punched

This On-Your-Feet Guide provides:

  • Critical questions and tools for implementing each technique.
  • Special considerations and ways to assess your effectiveness in order to plan your next mathematics lesson.
  • Brief videos with comments from authors and teachers along with classroom footage showing the Formative Five in action.
  • Using the Formative 5 daily in your planning and teaching will truly influence student learning.

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ISBN: 9781544395265