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British Social Attitudes

British Social Attitudes
The 27th Report

27th Edition
Edited by:

December 2010 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

'The Rolls Royce of opinion surveys.' - The Times

' important barometer of opinion...' - The Telegraph

'...invaluable surveys of the national mood...' - Guardian

'...examines who we think we are, what we think, and how self-perceptions have changed over the past 25 years.' - Financial Times

The annual British Social Attitudes survey is carried out by Britain's largest independent social research organisation, the National Centre for Social Research. It provides an indispensable guide to political and social issues in contemporary Britain, summarising and interpreting data from the most recent nationwide survey, as well as drawing invaluable comparisons with the findings of previous years to provide a richer picture and deeper understanding of changing British social values.

The 27th Report focuses on the national mood after three terms of a Labour government. It includes analysis of the reaction to Labour's policies in health and education and explores people's perceptions of social mobility and inequality. It also examines the extent to which the banking crisis and MP's expenses scandal have shaped public attitudes and values

The British Social Attitudes survey report is essential reading for anyone seeking a guide to the topical issues and debates of today or engaged in contemporary social and political research.

Karen Rowlingson, Michael Orton and Eleanor Taylor
Do We Still Care about Inequality?
Anthony Heath, Nan Dirk de Graaf and Yaojun Li
How Fair Is the Route to the Top? Perceptions of Social Mobility
Elizabeth Clery and Natalie Low
One School of Thought? Reactions to Education Policy
John Appleby and Ruth Robertson
A Healthy Improvement? Satisfaction with the NHS under Labour
Alex Bryson and John Forth
The Evolution of the Modern Worker: Attitudes to Work
John Curtice and Alison Park
A Tale of Two Crises: Banks, MPs' Expenses and Public Opinion
Rachel Ormston and John Curtice
Resentment or Contentment? Attitudes towards the Union 10 Years on
Rory Fitzgerald, Eric Harrison and Frank Steinmaier
Age Identity and Conflict: Myths and Realities
John Bartle, Sebastian Dellepiane Avellaneda and James A Stimson
Post-War British Public Opinion: Is There a Political Centre?
Appendix I: Technical Details of The Survey


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