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Twelve Roles of Facilitators for School Change

Twelve Roles of Facilitators for School Change

Second Edition

Foreword by Arthur L. Costa

May 2008 | 272 pages | Corwin
This updated edition shows school leaders how to become powerful agents of school change. The author provides 55 tools to aid in the transformation and reform process, allowing all participants to develop skills that foster communication, consensus, and schoolwide support. This valuable resource outlines twelve roles based on the four main functions of effective facilitators: leading the collaboration and change process, providing skills training, acting as a resource consultant, and motivating and energizing the group.
Foreword by Arthur L. Costa
About the Author
Introduction to the New Edition
Part 1. Process Leader
1. The Architect Sees the Big Picture
2. The Carpenter Builds Consensus
3. The Contractor Steers the Process
Part 2. Skills Trainer
4. The Coach Devises Strategies
5. The Quarterback Leads the Team
6. The Sportscaster Announces the Game
Part 3. Resource Consultant
7. The Producer Organizes the Project
8. The Director Overcomes Obstacles
9. The Promoter Advertises Successes
Part 4. Group Energizer
10. The Conductor Stayes True to the Score
11. The Concertmaster Harmonizes the Environment
12. The Critic Celebrates the Performance

"Shows leaders of the educational change process how to develop the flexibility, openness, and trust needed to make change as painless and effective as possible. By acquiring the skills of the facilitator, leaders of the change process will know how to navigate uncharted pathways, develop the required skills of their fellow participants, communicate openly and honestly, seek consensus, make intelligent decisions, and solve problems amidst the dynamics of the change process itself and among the many different constituencies that are part of the process."

From the Foreword by Arthur L. Costa

"The book deals with an time-sensitive and time-intensive topic, and its worth will only be known when it is purchased and used by serious educational entities."

Lori Grossman, Instructional Coordinator for Professional Development Services
Houston Independent School District, TX

"The principles and ideas presented are not just for school improvement. Many of the materials can be used for an entire gamut of situations. There is something for everyone."

Lyndon Oswald, Principal
Sandcreek Middle School, Idaho Falls, ID

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