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Tests & Measurement for People Who (Think They) Hate Tests & Measurement

Tests & Measurement for People Who (Think They) Hate Tests & Measurement

Second Edition

March 2012 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Neil J. Salkind guides readers through the fundamentals of tests and measurement, using the conversational writing style and straightforward presentation techniques that have made his book Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics an international bestseller. He provides an overview of the design of tests, the use of tests, and some of the basic social, political, and legal issues that the process of testing involves. The Second Edition includes more opportunities to practice, and end-of-chapter sections that apply the material to everyday concerns regarding the assessment of behaviour.
Part 1. In the Beginning. . .
Chapter 1. Why Measurement? An Introduction
Part II. The Psychology of Psychometrics
Chapter 2. One Potato, Two Potatoes . . . Levels of Measurement and Their Importance
Chapter 3. Getting It Right Every Time: Reliability and Its Importance
Chapter 4. The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth: Validity and Its Importance
Chapter 5. Welcome to Lake Woebegone, Where All the Children Are Above Average, Norms and Percentiles
Part III. The Tao and How of Testing
Chapter 6. Short Answer and Completion Items: Baskin Robbins (C) Has _ Flavors
Chapter 7. Essay Items: Hope You Can Write
Chapter 8. Multiple-Choice Items: Always Pick Answer C and You'll Be Right About 25% of the Time
Chapter 9. Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: Matching Items
Chapter 10. True-False Tests: T or F? I Passed My First Measurement Test
Chapter 11. Portfolios: Seeing the Big Picture
Chapter 12. So, Tell Me About Your Childhood: Interesting Interviews
Part IV. What to Test and How to Test It
Chapter 13. Achievement Tests: Who Really Discovered America?
Chapter 14: Personality Tests: Type A, Type B, or Type C?
Chapter 15. Aptitude Tests: What's in Store for Me?
Chapter 16. Intelligence Tests: That Rubik's Cube Is Driving Me Nuts
Chapter 17. Career Choices: So You Want to Be a What?
Part V. It's Not Always As You Think: Issues in Tests and Measurement
Chapter 18. Test Bias: Fair for Everyone?
Chapter 19. The Law, Testing, and Ethics: No Child (Should Be) Left Behind and Other Hot Stuff

“It is extremely readable even with all the technical information. People who may have little confidence in their ability to comprehend this difficult subject matter are hooked by the conversational approach of the author.”

Justina D. Pedante
Temple University

“My students say over and over again how useful this text was and that they will keep the book as a reference instead of selling it at the end of the semester!”

Janet A. Boberg
Northern Arizona University

“The real-world examples and journal article citations presented within each chapter are very useful. I like having the references and the ability to share the full article with students. I find the use of humor throughout the book as a key component. Very serious topics (which can sometimes produce anxiety in students) are approached in a humorous manner that prevents students from becoming anxious as they start the material.”

Susan L. Churchill
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“[Salkind’s] writing style and graphics are the keys to the successful delivery of some very difficult subject matter to some students with little or no prior knowledge of testing and measurement.”

Brady K. LeVrier
Louisana Technical College

"The slight balance of technical material with non technical explanations and examples."

H Lawrence Jones, EdD
Wheeling Jesuit University

Gave to another instructor to consider for a lower level course

Ms Claretha Hughes
RHRC, Univ Of Arkansas-Fayetteville
May 29, 2015

Group of Faculty chose other text

Professor JoAnne Pearce
Nursing Dept, Idaho State Univ-Pocatello
February 25, 2015

Appropriate for my students.

Mr Brent Sykes
Psychology, Hillsdale Free Will Bapt Clg
August 14, 2014

It fit the need to help the students UNDERSTAND the concepts

Dr Roberta Russell
Occupational Therapy Dept, Eastern Washington University
January 13, 2014

This text will work very well with the intended audience for this class, which includes
Psychology and Education students. Thank-you!

Dr Bonnie Wright
Psychology, Limestone College
December 5, 2013
Key features


  • More than half of the end-of-chapter exercises are new, providing enhanced opportunities for students to practice and assess their understanding of the material.
  • A new Real World feature summarizes the material in the chapter through reference to journal articles, showing how scholarly work in the area of tests and measurement is applied to everyday concerns in the assessment of behavior.
  • New material in Chapter 19, The Law, Testing, and Ethics, covers topical issues that students, teachers, parents, test designers, and others need to consider carefully.
  • This edition includes expanded coverage on the design of specific tests, along with increased coverage of tables of specification and how they are used.


Visit the companion site at for:
Open-access student resources, including eFlashcards, journal articles, and web resources.
Instructor resources, including chapter exercises and activities, PowerPoint slides, and test questions and answers.

Any book is always a work in progress, and this latest edition of Test and Measurements for People Who (Think They) Hate Test and Measurements is no exception. The original edition was published about six years ago and many people have told me how helpful this book is, and others have told me how they would like it to change and why. In revising this book, I am trying to meet the needs of all audiences. Some things remain the same, and some have indeed changed.

Probably the biggest change is that there are now more than 50% new end of chapter exercises and in some chapters even more. Kristen Teasdale, PhD was remarkably helpful in creating and checking these. Along with more questions, there are also new online references that the reader can use as a starting point to learn more about the topics discussed in the chapter.

And, at the end of each chapter, you'll find a "Real World" section that summarizes material about the chapter you just read through reviews of existing journal articles, sort of "ripped from the headlines", but not quite. These show the reader how scholarly work in the area of tests and measurements applied to everyday concerns that we all have regarding the assessment of behavior.

There's also a good deal of new material in chapter 20 that easily could have formed a chapter of its own, but I felt that it fit nicely with the last chapter which presents issues that all parties in the test and measurements world – students, teachers, parents, test designers, and others – need to consider as they do their daily chores. I think you will find the discussion informative, interesting and even provocative.

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ISBN: 9781412989756