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Stress and Work

Stress and Work
Perspectives on Understanding and Managing Stress

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Satish Pandey - Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India
  • D. M. Pestonjee - School of Petroleum Management, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar

August 2013 | 392 pages | SAGE Response

Stress and Work focuses on the problem of stress from various angles and perspectives and provides empirical findings relevant to different occupational settings. It provides comprehensive research literature, which has been divided along the following theoretical perspectives: Occupational Stress and Burnout; Work–Family Conflict and Stress; Positive Stress Management; and Stress and Spirituality.

This volume will be a resource-book for researchers and practitioners of management, psychology, sociology, and behavioral sciences. The prospective reader of human society and human nature will find this volume to be of immense utility.



Cary L Cooper


D M Pestonjee and Satish Pandey
The Neuropsychology of Stress

Jamuna Rajeshwaran and Cathelyn N Bennet
Learned Helplessness and Organizational Role Stress

Fakir Mohan Sahoo
Role Stress among Varied Occupational Groups

Parvaiz Talib and Irfana Rashid
Executive Burnout: Prediction & Prevention through HR Interventions

Radha R Sharma
Stress in Extreme Conditions: A Military Perspective

Updesh Kumar, Vijay Prakash and Manas Mandal
Work-Family Conflict in India: Test of a Causal Model

Ujvala Rajadhyaksha and Kamla Ramadoss
Work Stress, Work-Family Conflict, and Health: A Multilevel Perspective

Kamla Ramadoss
Gender Issues in Work & Stress

Shubhra P Gaur and Shikha S Jain
Coping with Stress

Paulomi Sudhir and Arathi Taksal
Flourishing at Work

Seema Mehrotra and Ravikesh Tripathi
Existential Rhythm, Spiritual Synergy, and Spiritual Immunity: Spiritual Approaches to Stress Management

Akbar Husain
Managing Constructive and Destructive Emotions: Indian Psycho- spiritual Perspective

Mala Sinha
Vipasana Meditation Reduces Stress and Strain: An Empirical Study

D Gopalakrishana
Methodological Issues in Stress Research: Challenges, Concerns, and Directions

Satish Pandey, Shubhra P Gaur and D M Pestonjee
Epilogue: The Road Ahead

Satish Pandey and D M Pestonjee


While most stress theories originate in Western countries, this book is based on research, conducted in India, and was written by prominent Indian scholars, working in a variety of academic and business organizations.

Alexandre Ardichvili
Professor, University of Minnesota, USA and Editor-in-Chief, Human Resource Development International

This book addresses a powerful issue that spans two centuries and offers four blended strengths. All and all, an excellent volume with the right balance in the correct context.

James Campbell (Jim) Quick
Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Pestonjee and Pandey provide a thoughtful and relevant insight into the complex issue of occupational stress within the Indian context.

Professor Paula Brough
Director, Social & Organisational Psychology Research Unit (SOPRU), School of Applied Psychology, Mt Gravatt Campus, Griffith University, Australia

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