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Statistics for Behavioural and Social Sciences

Statistics for Behavioural and Social Sciences

First Edition
  • Banamali Mohanty - Former Faculty Member, Department of Psychology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
  • Santa Misra - Sri Satya Sai College for Women, Bhubaneswar
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December 2015 | 1 036 pages | SAGE Texts

This book presents the major statistical concepts, methods and designs, and their analyses in simple, easily accessible language.

Statistics for Behavioural and Social Sciences
offers an integrated approach to the study of statistics placing due emphasis on theory, application and computational procedures. A prominent feature of this book is that it deals with the fundamental ideas of experimental designs and the basics of test construction including item and factor analysis, reliability and validity of tests, standardization and norms in a manner that is accessible to students from non-mathematical backgrounds.

This book would prove to be an indispensable guide for students of psychology and other subjects under the domain of social sciences.

Feature Highlights:

• Lucid explanation aided by step-by-step demonstration of the use of statistical tools

• Special emphasis on schematic representation of layouts of ANVOA

• Special inclusion of chapter on psychological test construction

• Each chapter aided by review questions and practice problems

• Covers the course requirement of major Indian universities

• Three complementary chapters available online

Basic Ideas in Statistics
Presentation of Data
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Variability
Percentiles and Percentile Rank
Probability, Binomial and Poisson Distribution
Standard Scores and the Normal Probability Curve
Testing of Hypothesis
Significance of the Mean and Other Statistics
Significance of the Difference between Means and other Statistics
Experimental Design : An Introduction
Analysis of Variance (Independent Measures)
Analysis of Variance (Repeated Measures)
Nonparametric Statistics
Some Other Nonparametric Statistical Tests
Psychological Test Construction
Appendix: Tables
Answers to Exercises


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