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Shift Ed

Shift Ed
A Call to Action for Transforming K–12 Education

September 2011 | 184 pages | Corwin
This book by noted futurist, David Houle, is a "call to action" for people who are part of a growing movement concerned about education in America and who are committing time and effort toward its transformation. This book is not the answer, but a call to action, an offering of a vision and a necessary expansion of the creative discussion to formulate the solution so essential to the ongoing vitality of our country. The book will look at the roots of American education, the current landscape, and the forces and dynamics that are pushing inevitable change in education for our children. Transformation of education is inevitable and asking the right questions, expanding our vision and starting to do something now are key elements the author outlines.

Politicians, principals, school superintendents, and education foundation executives as well as parents should be reading this book as an enabler for their points of view about the need to change K-12 education in the years ahead.

1. A Quick Look Back
The Agricultural Age

The Industrial Age

The Information Age

American Childhood Education Through the Ages

2. The Current Landscape of Education in America
A System Out of Sync

Not Your Forefather's College

Learning - and Relearning - to Work

Holding Our Own in the Global Classroom

Facing the Issues and Shifting the Vision

Change Visions: From Train to Rocket

3. A Look Ahead
The Shift Age

The Twenty-First Century

2010 to 2020: The Transformation Decade

Change Visions: The Need for New

4. Generations
Baby Boomers: The Bridge Generation

Generation X: A Different Voice

Millennials: The Emerging Leaders

Digital Natives: Today's and Tomorrow's Students

Change Visions: Reconnecting

5. Why Transformation Is the Only Path
A Change in Form

A Change in Appearance

A Change in Nature

Signals From the Future

Change Visions: The New Architecture of Learning

6. Working on the Shift Ed Vision
Jim Rex

Peter Renwick

Janice Mattina

Karen Woodward

7. Ask the Right Questions
Technology and Connectivity

Calendar and Operations


Learning and the Brain

Infrastructure and the Physical Plant

Answering the Questions

Preparing Teachers

Your Contribution

Change Visions: Survival Skills for the Twenty-First Century

8. Expand the Vision
The New Vision of Education for the Twenty-First Century

Four Fundamentals for Twenty-First-Century Education

9. Start Now!
The Shift Ed 21

Parting - But Not Final - Words


“Shift Ed is a call to action. There’s no doubt that the David Houle and Jeff Thomas Cobb have identified where education must go, so the question becomes how will we – as parents and educators and community leaders – get there? Shift Ed is the kind of book that makes us ask the toughest questions about how we’re educating our children today, and provides a broad vision for changes we simply have to start preparing for and making today.”

Tim Sullivan, Founder
School Family Media, Wrentham, MA

"David Houle uses his vision to identify the need for transformation in education, as he has so profoundly done for us in business. Shift Ed is a must-read, and it resonates to people many levels: from citizens, taxpayers, grandparents, and family to passionate educators observing the frustrations of the system that can't effectively compete or function in today's Shift Age."

Wallace B. Doolin, CEO
Black Box Intelligence, Dallas, TX
Wallace B. Doolin, CEO

"Provides a powerful key to changing the process of teaching. From socialcultural evolution in generations to the evolving landscape of education in America, SHIFT ED is a fine pick."

James A. Cox, Editor in Chief
The Midwest Book Review, August 2011

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