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Remaking India

Remaking India
One Country, One Destiny

First Edition

December 2004 | 240 pages | SAGE Response
Remaking India is an impassioned critique of India’s current economic and social situation and argues for a better way to create inclusive development and growth. Arun Maira, one of India’s leading business consultants and thinkers, applies the principles of `scenario thinking` and the `learning field` to identify some key obstacles to India`s holistic growth.

Deftly weaving memoir with history, this book discusses India`s journey from its birth as a nation, to its more recent liberalized phase. The author examines a broad canvas of concerns, and emphasizes that unless India`s growth percolates to its poor and underprivileged we will have a divided and unequal society and nation. He highlights some key steps that are needed to put India on the appropriate growth trajectory. He stresses that businesses must look beyond profits and emphasizes the critical need for collaboration between business and government for nation building, and, presents a conceptual roadmap for India`s future, suited to its diverse social, economic and cultural needs.
Ratan N Tata
Foreward Ratan N Tata
India Inclusive
Turning Points
Learning Fields
Crises of Aspiration
Looking for a Crisis of Aspiration
Changing Our Clocks
New Ways
The Tower of Babbling
Shaping India

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