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The Reflective School Counselor's Guide to Practitioner Research

The Reflective School Counselor's Guide to Practitioner Research
Skills and Strategies for Successful Inquiry

November 2007 | 128 pages | Corwin
This practical and timely book guides school counselors through the process of conducting practitioner inquiry projects focused on issues of achievement, opportunity inequities, school culture, and community partnerships. Each chapter includes:

- Suggestions for practical application of the material

- Strategies for ensuring success

- An on-going case study related to the chapter's focus

The book aims to help counselors develop research projects not only to improve specific school programs and student outcomes, but to improve the larger school culture.

About the Authors
School Counselors Collaborating for High Student Achievement

School Culture in the Time of School Reform

Tips for Using the Book

1. Launching Inquiry: Developing Your Question
How We Arrived at This Point

Moving Into Inquiry

Data Sources

Thinking About Thinking

Formulating Questions

Exploring Your Question

Strategies for Success

Meet Dianne: An Ongoing Case Study

2. Discovering the Territory: Exploring Others' Expertise
Why Gather Supporting Information?

Exploring Others' Expertise

Keeping It Simple

Components of the Summary

Dianne's Journey Begins

3. Getting It Together: Gathering Your Data
Ethical Considerations

What Data Is Needed?

Avenues for Gathering Data

School Artifacts

The Last Tip: How to Navigate Dead Ends

Dianne's Hunch Pays Off

4. Sorting It Out: Making Sense of Your Data
Descriptive Data as a Powerful Tool

Ways to Look at Data

Dianne Makes Sense of It All

5. Stepping Up: Sharing What You Now Know
The Fundamentals

Know Your Audience

Know Your End Product

Inquiry Support Groups


The Block


It's All in the Details

Dianne Seeks Support From Key People

6. Building Your Learning Community
Learning Communities

Practitioner Inquiry Suport Team

Dianne Brings Parents Into the Learning Community

7. Review and Can-Do: Putting It All Together
Where's Dianne Now?


"It is critical that professional school counselors join the ranks of other educators in becoming accountable. This book will help school counselors learn how to use data to both help students better navigate the educational system, and, more importantly, help the school change to better meet the needs of students."

Peggy Hines, Director
National Center for Transforming School Counseling, The Education Trust

"Kudos to Brooks-McNamara and Torres for writing a text about inquiry for aspiring school counselors! Now more than ever, school counselors must be ready and able to participate in determining and documenting how school initiatives, large and small, impact student performance. My students will be thankful to enter the profession ready to ask questions, collect and analyze data, and challenge practices that may not be serving students well."

Chris Jensen, Associate Professor
Seattle University

"This text can help any school counselor develop the observation and analytical skills to become a practitioner-inquirer. However, this book is much more than a collection of research techniques—it is a celebration of what is possible when school counselors pursue answers to their own questions about the students with whom they work. I predict this groundbreaking book will become a classic."

Ruth Shagoury
Author, The Art of Classroom Inquiry

"Provides a much needed resource and guide for those in the midst of school reform. Brooks-McNamara and Torres present an action research framework that enables school counselors to be central in school decision making to improve the learning and community for all students."

Nancy G. Nagel, Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Education
Lewis & Clark College

"Provides a practical and valuable tool for all school counseling professionals trying to align their school counseling program with the ASCA standards."

Todd E. Ryan, Director of Guidance & Counseling
Louisa County High School, Mineral, VA

"Offers a means by which school counselor practices can better support and be more clearly aligned with the educational community and greater schoolwide efforts. A very vital and useful publication."

Stephanie A. Bierman, School Counselor
West Lake Elementary School, Apex, NC

"Like the little train that said 'I think I can, I think I can,' this book tells school counselors, 'You can, you can' do research. This book encourages and guides school counselors who have very little time and resources to do research, enabling them to show and tell the differences that result from their programs."

Angie Stansell, School Counselor
Hatton High School, Town Creek, AL

"An excellent outline of skills and strategies for underserved students and their counselors. Chapters provide a framework for gathering data and authenticating results to foster schoolwide change."

The Bookwatch, December 2007
Midwest Book Review

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