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Readings in Indian Sociology

Readings in Indian Sociology
Volume III: Sociology of Childhood and Youth

First Edition
Edited by:

Series Editor: Ishwar Modi

December 2013 | 296 pages | SAGE India
Sociology of Childhood and Youth, is one of the first of its kind that provides sociological articulations on the Indian child and young, along with the accompanying multifaceted discourses on childhood and youth situating it in the historical experience of India. This volume will be welcomed as a ground-breaking effort for opening doors for critical thinking and novel works in an area which is one of the most challenging and motivating concern of contemporary India and also for our sociological imagination.
Series Note
Professor K L Sharma
Bula Bhadra
Vimal P. Shah, Tara Patel and William H Sewel
Social Class and Educational Aspirations in an Indian Metropolis
Ehsanul Haq
Education and the Emerging Patterns of Political Orientations: A Sociological Analysis
K S Shukla
Adolescent Thieves and Differential Association
Ashesh Das Gupta
Culture and Fertility: Son Preference and Reproductive Behaviour
L Ladusingh, N Minita Devi and Kh Jitenkumar Singh
Sex Preference and Contraceptive Use in Manipur
T V Sekher and Neelambar Hatti
Disappearing Daughters and Intensification of Gender Bias: Evidence from Two Village Studies in South India
Aileen D Ross and Suraj Bandopadhyay
The Attitudes to English and the Use of It by Students of Three Different Mother Tongues: Hindi, Kannada and Tamil
Khadlid Ahmed Kazi and Rehana Ghadially
Perception of the Female Role by Indian College Students
Ambarao T Uplaonkar
Social Class and Occupational Aspirations of College Students
Narsi Patel
Youth Aspirations vis-a-vis National Development: Participate or Emigrate?
Prabha Unnithan, D R Singh and M Z Khan
The Use Psychotropic Drugs Among College Youth in India: An Appraisal
A K Nongkynrih
Problems of the Youth of North-East India: A Sociological Inquiry
Rajesh Gill
Youth in Techno Global World: Predicament and Choices
Appendix of Sources

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