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The Quick-Reference Handbook for School Leaders

The Quick-Reference Handbook for School Leaders
A Practical Guide for Principals

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July 2005 | 328 pages | Corwin
The Quick-Reference Handbook for School Leaders is a practical guide that provides an answer to the questions 'Where do I start?' and 'Where do I look for direction?'

Written in an easy-to-read, bulleted format, the handbook is an excellent resource for all headteachers, deputy heads and other members of the school management team. The book is organized around five key sections, each including brief overviews, checklists, and suggestions for further reading.

-Organization and Management - the role of the headteacher, negligence and liability, media relations, managing conflict and difficult people, effective meetings, resource management, records and information, facility management

-Teaching and Learning - school programs, learning communities, special education, supervision and evaluation, staff development, unions, celebrating success

-Behaviour and Discipline - safe schools, code of conduct, supervision and expulsion, search and seizure, police procedures

-Health and Safety - reporting child abuse, occupational health and safety, emergency preparation, medical needs, health and safety resources

-Looking After Yourself - professional development, wellness, and balance

Including words of wisdom from first-year headteachers, and voices of experience from over 60 experienced primary and secondary headteachers, this reference book will be used over and over again - make sure you keep it close by!

Part I. Organization and Management
1. The Role of the Principal
Duties and Responsibilities: An Overview

The Principal's Role

Additional Roles and Skills: A Quick Overview

Your Personal Vision of Your Role as Principal

The Role of the Principal as Defined

2. Legal Framework
Hierarchical Legislative Framework: An Overview

3. Negligence and Liability
First Steps to Reduce Risk

Negligence: An Overview of the Concepts and Issues

Duty to Provide Adequate Supervision of Pupils

4. Management Skills
Managerial Excellence and School Leadership: An Overview

Time Management


Visibility: Management by Walking Around

5. Communication
Communication Tips and Checklists

Written Communication

School Newsletters

School Communication Plan

6. Public and Media Relations
Building a Public Relations Program for Your School

Tips for Writing a News Release

Tips for Giving Media Interviews

7. Managing Conflict and Difficult People
Reacting to Conflict

Conflict Resolution: An Overview

Dealing With Difficult People and Complaints

Relationships With Parents

8. Effective Meetings
Before the Meeting

During the Meeting

After the Meeting

9. Records and Information Management
Getting Started

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Student Records

Legislation Regarding Records and Information Management

10. Budget and Resource Management
School Budget: An Overview

Local Financial Responsibility (Protecting Yourself)

Board-Wide Impact (Protecting the District School Board)

Tips Regarding Budget and Resource Management

11. Technology
Getting Started

Technology and School Administration

Technology and the Curriculum

Building Your School Technology Plan

12. School Advisory Groups
Preparing to Work With Your School Advisory Group

Working With Your School Advisory Group

School Advisory Groups and the Role of the Principal

Effective School Advisory Groups

13. School Organization and Scheduling
Getting Started

An Overview

Implementation Challenges

Models for School Organization and Scheduling

Part II. Teaching and Learning
14. School Programs
Getting Started

Curriculum Implementation

Student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

15. Special Education and English As a Second Language
Special Education: Getting Started

Roles and Responsibilities of the Principal

Referral Routines

ESL and ESOL: Getting Started

16. Data Driven School Improvement
Getting Started

Effective School Improvement Planning

17. Staff Supervision and Performance Appraisal
Getting Started

Supervision of Vice-Principals

State Standards for Teacher Performance Appraisal

Teacher Supervision and Performance Appraisal

18. Teaching Staff: Selection and Development
Teaching Staff Selection: Getting Started

Interviewing and Hiring

Teaching Staff Development: Getting Started

Professional Learning

Working With Beginning Teachers

19. Professional Relations
Working With the Unions in Your School

Collective Agreements and Grievances

20. Celebrating Success
Getting Started

Creating an Environment for Success

Sharing Success

Negative Environments

Part III. Behavior and Discipline
21. Student Behavior and Discipline in the School
Getting Started

District Policies and Procedures: An Overview

Behavior Codes

Access to School Premises

22. Student Behavior and Outside Agencies
Police/School Protocol

Search and Seizure

The Young Offender

School Attendance

Part IV. Health and Safety
23. Protecting Our Students
Getting Started

Issues Concerning At-Risk Children and Youth

24. Occupational Health and Safety
Getting Started

Duties of the Principal

Conducting a School Safety Inspection

Developing Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

25. Emergency Preparedness
Getting Started

Preventive Measures

Reactive Strategies

Follow-Up and Evaluation

26. Student Medical Needs
Getting Started

Responding to Specific Situations

Other Health Issues

A Comprehensive School Health Program

Part V. Looking After Yourself
27. Professional Learning and Personal Well-Being
An Overview: Professional Learning

Professional Reading

Personal Well-Being

28. Support for School Leaders
What to Do When You Need Help

When to Call Your Professional Association for Assistance

Appendices and Resources
Appendix A. Entry Plans

Appendix B. Principals' Routines

Appendix C. Regular Monthly Activities for Principals

Appendix D. Getting the School Year Started: Checklists for July, August and September

Appendix E. Professional Conferences: A List of Web Sites

Appendix F. Words of Wisdom: Advice From Beginning Principals

Appendix G. School Activities and Field Trips


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