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The Principal’s Guide to Curriculum Leadership

The Principal’s Guide to Curriculum Leadership

March 2011 | 320 pages | Corwin
This comprehensive guide walks headteachers through the curriculum development and renewal process with encouragement, hitting the hard issues of doing more with less, integrating technology, overcoming resistance to change, and improving student outcomes. The authors incorporate the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) and the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards for headteachers as they relate to curriculum leadership. Highlights include step-by-step guidance for:

- Developing a culture that is conducive to curriculum advancement

- Working collaboratively with personnel

- Integrating state and national standards into school curriculum

- Maximizing professional development opportunities

- Connecting curriculum to instruction

The Principal's Guide to Curriculum Leadership is ideal for practicing and aspiring public and private school administrators. Special features include discussion questions, case studies, activities, specialized curriculum models, resources, and references.

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About the Authors
1. Defining Curriculum Leadership
Getting Started

Defining Curriculum Leadership

Organizational Phenomena Influencing Curriculum Leadership

Rethinking the Education Hierarchy

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Stand and Deliver

2. A Curriculum Leadership Journey
ISLLC Standards and Curriculum Leadership

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Principal Wonkermann?s Late Afternoon Experience: De Ja Vu All Over Again

3. Principal Expectations as Curriculum Leader
Shoot Low, Expect Less

Understanding Principal Expectations in Curriculum Development

Principal Expectations in the Curriculum Leadership Role

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Who?s the Turkey This Thanksgiving?

4. The Principal?s Role in Curriculum Change and Innovation
Constructive Change = Positive Growth

The Basis for Change and Why It Is So Necessary

Why We Resist Change

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

The Change Process in Curriculum Development

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: It?s a Real Puzzle to Me!

Managing Change Tolerance Test

5. Curriculum Leadership in Action
The Role of the Principal in Curriculum Design and Development

The Challenges of Leading

Curriculum Leadership Through Walker?s Deliberative Model of Curriculum Development

Enacting the Deliberative Model of Curriculum Development

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Who Decides What and How?

6. Where the Action Is: Building Relationships with Teachers
Leadership and Followership: You Can?t Have One Without the Other

10 Curriculum Leadership Building Blocks for Preventing and Treating Arrested Teacher Development

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Zachary School Case Study

7. Systematically Integrating Curriculum and Instruction
The Role and Vision of the Principal in Defining Curriculum and Instruction

Integrating Curriculum and Instruction

Five Steps to Successful Curriculum Integration

The Integration of Curriculum and Instruction: How Relevance and Interest Help Students Become Better Learners

The Principal?s Role in Curriculum Integration

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Well, It?s the State Mandated Curriculum!

8. Professional Learning and Curriculum Leadership
Teaching and Learning

Building Teacher Capacity

Four Factors Impacting Professional Learning

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: Professional Learning at Sandy Shores School

9. The Principal and Legislated Learning: Working the System and the Prospects of Curriculum Renewal
Curriculum Leadership and Legislated Learning

The Principal in the Process of Curriculum Renewal and Change

Toward Change and a Renewed Curriculum

High-Stakes Testing, Curriculum Renewal, and Educational Practice

Curriculum Theory and the Renewal Process

Final Thoughts

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: It's All State Mandated Anyway! Part II: A Principal Returns From the Annual Summer State Leadership Academy

10. Trailblazing Digital Curriculum Leadership 101

Let?s Talk Technology Standards

A Voice From the Field

The Quaker Digital Academy Story

Looking Forward

Final Thoughts

One More Thing

Discussion Questions

Case Study Application: My School and the NETS A

Informal NETS A Principal Profile Campus Evaluation Instrument


"This handbook synthesizes the best of educational research in an easily accessible format. Educators will find it an effective roadmap for leading their schools to organizational excellence, effective instruction, and optimum student achievement."

Brenda P. Dean, Assistant Superintendent
Hamblen County Schools, Morristown, TN

"I absolutely recommend this book! It is NOT a book you will keep on the shelf!"

Debra Paradowski, Associate Principal
Arrowhead Union High School, Hartland, WI

"A very important book for school site administrators at all levels because it clearly makes the case for the school principal to be THE instructional and curricular leader of his or her school site. School principals who embrace this CAN and WILL make the difference for students!"

Marianne L. Lescher, Principal
Kyrene Elementary School District, Tempe, AZ

"I recommend this book as required reading for all the principals and assistant principals in my district (over 100). I got a lot out of this book as our district faces many of the same issues as The Childers School."

Sean Beggin, Assistant Principal
Andover High School, MN

The book supported the course content and provided engaging case studies.

Professor Arlene Mullin
Educational Leadership & Technology, Dowling College
May 14, 2015

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