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Powerful Classroom Stories from Accomplished Teachers

Powerful Classroom Stories from Accomplished Teachers

Foreword by Cathy Owens

January 2004 | 216 pages | Corwin
These stories from the classroom show us what powerful teaching and learning really looks like. The story-tellers are highly qualified teachers, all of whom have achieved or are candidates for National Board Certification, and their tales have been woven into a compelling and moving narrative by expert teacher, trainer, and NBCT support provider Adrienne Mack-Kirschner. The stories invite us into our nation's classrooms, allowing us to witness essential learning moments in the lives of individual students and offering us examples of teaching and learning activities that are real, student centered, meaningful, and important. Bringing thematic unity to the stories are their links to the Five Core Propositions of accomplished teaching as defined by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The best of these stories transcend category, reaching all readers who think about and care about accomplished teaching and learning in today's classrooms.
Cathy R. Owens
About the Author
About the Contributors
Introduction: The Power of Story
It's Okay Not to Be Perfect

Adrienne Mack-Kirschner
As Loud as Thunder

Adrienne Mack-Kirschner

National Board Core Proposition 1: Teachers Are Committed to Students and Their Learning
Making a Difference

Christina Maffia
Christopher and Clarence

Renee A. Moore
The Hook

Carolyn Moser
Oh No, Not Her!

Kathleen Pickard

Genevieve Bodnar
His Words, His Way

Cheri J. Mann
What Dog?

Sharon Chaney
A Student's Road to Success

William Dean
Our Journey

Odessa Cleveland
You Just Never Know

Judith A. Chalmers
From Cocoon to Butterfly: Up Close and Personal

Rosemary Fryer
The Pelican Way

Kathryn Gemmer
First Comes Love

Wendy Hacke
Success: Measured in Inches, Not Feet

Foster Walsh
Finding Miguel

Damien Riley
A Gift of Cookies

Ann Matthys Smalley



National Board Core Proposition 2: Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects to Students
Rembrandt Comes in All Sizes

Kathleen A. Blake
Collect, Select, and Reflect

John Dorroh
Elementary Artist Studies

Kelly Campbell-Busby
Not Just Another Field Trip

Pamela Beery
Blueberry Stains

Kathleen Gonzalez
The Phone Call

Mark Ellis
The Forgotten Holocaust (Classroom Story)

Renee O'Brien
The Forgotten Holocaust (Poem)

An Emotional Response

Jeanne Owens
"Way Out" But Wonderful and Worth It

Marcia Harris
Even Comedians Need to Write

Maureen Robinson
Getting to Know Gina

Catherine Humphrey
Poetry Lesson

Diane Saienni Albanese
Three Pigs

Helene Hirsch
Grown-Up Language

Stephanie Penniman
Economics 101

Helene Hirsch
Teaching Him to Read

Anthony John Vincent Griffin



National Board Core Proposition 3: Teachers Are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning
Role Model

Alfee Enciso
One Meeting You Won't Mind Attending

Patrice J. Faison
A Gram of Truth

David Feela
"Fair Is Foul, and Foul Is Fair"

Joel Kammer
A Gift of Progress

Cindy Taylor
A Lesson About Diversity From Kyle

Linda T. Johnson

David Ross

Shelia Sutton
Finding Freddie

Macre Jay Schwartz
The Power of Words

Nicki O'Neill

Linda Hollett


National Board Core Proposition 4: Teachers Think Systematically About Their Practice and Learn from Experience
10 Powerful Consummations of Teaching and Learning From a Reflective National Board Certified Teacher

Lynn Gannon Patterson
Quality Verbal Discourse

Olivia Herring
The Prodigal Stapler

Janet Hironaka
A Message to Keep Close at Heart

Susan Sheffield Brandon
We Are Writing

Marlene Carter
The "Unplanned" Lesson

Marta C. Findlay-Partridge
What Holly Heard: R.L. Stine in the Classroom

Stacia A. Smith

Barbara Yvette LeWinter
Our Story

Janet Hironaka


National Board Core Proposition 5: Teachers Are Members of Learning Communities
A Box is Not Just a Box

Tammi Bender
Teachers Are Students Too

Tammi Bender
Sharing What Works and What Doesn't Work

Claudia L. Swisher
The Importance of Partnerships

Karen M. Caruso
Taking the Lid Off: Social Studies and the Arts

Sharon McCubbin
Opening the Door to Possibilities

Mary Hanson
No More Two by Four

Brenda Culp Smith
Classroom Assignment: Get on the Oprah Winfrey Show

Michael Taylor
A Collegial Approach to Teaching Art Critique

Constance M. Rogers

Helene Hirsch
If I Can Think It, I Can Speak It

Kathy L. Smith
In Memoriam: Peijian, December 11, 1986 - May 5, 2003

Kathy L. Smith
Hamburger = America

Cecelia D. Lozano


Conclusion: Those Who Can Teach, Do
David's Rose

Rebecca Witt
Show Me the Money

Marlene Carter


"We must improve schools from within, utilizing our expertise as teaching professionals and placing ourselves at the center of the education reform movement. As Adrienne Mack-Kirschner informs us all in this important book, ‘These stories represent what is happening in tens of thousands of classrooms. They hold within them the power of what could be if all teachers and schools provided opportunities for all children to experience powerful teaching and learning.’"

From the Foreword by Cathy R. Owens, NBCT
Director of Teacher Leadership Initiatives, The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

"Thought provoking and powerful."

Mary Bell, Community Advocate
Sacramento, CA

"Adrienne Mack-Kirschner's book provides a welcome antidote to all the bad news about teachers that makes daily headlines. Reading these stories gave me hope. With such teachers in our classrooms, public education is in good hands."

Carol Jago, Teacher, Writer, Editor
Co-Director, California Reading and Literature Project at UCLA

"Warm, interesting, and informative. I recommend it not only to all teachers looking to hone their professional skills, but also to all parents who insist upon a quality educational experience for their children."

Gregory J. Vallone, Principal
James Monroe High School, Los Angeles Unified School District

"How clearly teachers, in their stories, articulate the importance of connecting students--either through first person anecdotes or experiential trips--to real life. Twenty years from now when asked about memories from school these students will remember these experiences that touched their lives--the results of accomplished teachers who touch our children's lives every day."

Kathy Duba, Deputy Superintendent
Pasadena Unified School District, CA

"Adrienne Mack-Kirschner's book lets us teachers know that indeed we do make a difference in the lives of the students in our classrooms. She has collected ‘our’ stories so that we can feel connected to our fellow educators, so that we can know beyond all doubt that what we do each day does mean something. That knowledge is what makes teaching worthwhile; that is what makes teaching a joy."

Brenda Culp Smith, NBCT
Newton-Conover High School, Newton, NC

"A must read for all teacher prep programs, with enriching ideas for ALL teachers, and vital to counter the effects of teaching for testing!"

Barbara Yvette LeWinter, NBCT
Los Angeles Unified School District

"Readers are reminded that teaching reaches beyond a child's academics to personal and emotional domains. Through the author's commentary, the volume reinforces the power of story to help us understand and learn from students."

CHOICE, September 2004

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