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The Power of Teacher Teams

The Power of Teacher Teams
With Cases, Analyses, and Strategies for Success

Foreword by Richard F. Elmore, Includes a companion DVD with video case studies and CD-ROM with reproducibles and supplemental cases

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January 2012 | 248 pages | Corwin
When teachers work in successful teams, they have an opportunity to observe each other at work in order to improve their own practice. They can get group assistance with problem-solving; together they can examine student work, address issues of classroom management, learn a new curriculum, provide support for new teachers, and give veteran teachers roles as mentors. What teachers are unable to accomplish alone, or only with great difficulty, they can accomplish more successfully in a team.The Transformative Power of Teacher Teams is designed specifically for teachers and administrators, in their specific context, to enable them to develop their own unique teacher-teams that will directly improve both teaching practice and student learning. Further, the book fulfills the promise inherent in its title û it demonstrates not only how effective teams can transform the practice of teaching, but also how its model of teacher collaboration can transform the culture of schools into communities of learning that foster and value teacher leadership.
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1. Read This First
2. Get Ready for Better Teams
3. What Makes a Good Team, What Makes a Team Good?
4. Instructional Leadership: Principals and Teacher Leaders
5. Team Development and Strategies for Success
6. Teaching Cases


"Troen and Boles give us a concrete image of how collective educational practice can be focused on the instructional core of schooling. Their portrait of teacher teams is an important contribution to our understanding of how teaching is learned and will be useful for both practice and analysis."

Magdalene Lampert, George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor of Education
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

"The authors identify the real-life challenges of teaming and collaboration that teachers and principals face each and every day. They provide cases that describe the everyday experiences of working in teams, and then present tools that professionals will find extremely useful in aligning their efforts around improving student learning."

Jeff Ronnenberg, Superintendent
Spring Lake Park Schools District, MN

"As a director of professional development, I feel this book is crucial to building the capacity of teachers, teacher leaders, team facilitators, and principals."

Fernando Nuñez, Director of Professional Development
Isaac School District #5, Phoenix, AZ

"In light of recent research indicating that very few teacher teams are actually effective, this book seeks to reverse the trend. By developing a framework for effective teacher teams that includes five criteria—leadership, task focus, collaborative climate, structure and process, and personal accountability—Troen and Boles provide school leaders with the tools needed to navigate this relatively new terrain and to make effective teacher teams a reality."

ED Magazine, Summer 2012
Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Chapter 1: Read This First

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