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Organizing and Managing in the Era of Globalization

Organizing and Managing in the Era of Globalization

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Pritam Singh - former Director of IIM Lucknow, MDI Gurgaon and IMI Delhi
  • Subir Verma - Professor of OB & HR, FORE School of Management, New Delhi

January 2010 | 476 pages | SAGE Response
This book discusses the issues and challenges of organizing and managing in the context of a globalized world. It provides insights and perspectives on the realities of organization in a world where governance structures, organizational processes, management practices and employment relations are in a vortex of transformation. It analyzes the political, economic, sociological, cultural, institutional and legal factors that shape these realities.

Globalization has thrown up fundamental questions on the identity, social values, national and local culture and history and even the future identity of societies. Managing and organizing a diverse organization in these times is, thus, a subject worth studying; Organizing and Managing in the Era of Globalization is an answer to this quest.

This book will be useful for students and professionals of organizational design, organizational change and international management. Researchers in the fields of organization and management as well as globalization will also find it of immense value.

Pritam Singh and Subir Verma
An Introduction
Stewart Roger Clegg
Subir Verma
Organizational Democracy in the Age of Globalization: Issues and Challenges
David Knights
Sustainability of the International Sourcing Model
Abhoy K. Ojha
Organizing for the Global Market: Understanding the Impact on Business Process off Shoring
Patrick Besson and Marion Soulerot
Building Competitiveness Over Time: The Ambidexterity Factor
Ronald C Beckett and Paul Kenneth Couchman
Join the Club: Entrepreneurial SMEs and Collaborative R&D Networks
Dinar Kale and Stephen Edgar Little
Globalization, Migration and Knowledge Transfer: The Reconfiguration of R&D Capability in Indian Pharmaceutical Firms
Ajit Nayak, Mairi Maclean, Charles Harvey and Robert Chia
Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance and Indian Business Elites
Alfred Jaeger, Ilan Avrichir, Arif Nazir Butt, Mehdi Farashahi and Taieb Hafsi
Managerial Values in Developing Countries: Global Convergence or Local Divergence
Anne Ngoc Vo
Localization or Globalization? The Case of Japanese Multinational Companies in Vietnam
Susan Mate
The Local and the Professional
Jonathan Murphy
Indian Call Center Workers: Pioneers of a Global Middle Class
Soma Pillay and Eve Anderson
Some Propositions about National Culture and New Public Management
Andreas W. Falkenberg and Joyce Falkenberg
Sourcing and Manufacturing In Emerging Markets: Ethical Realities, Challenges and Responses
Sumati Varma and H.S Gill
Development strategies for Inclusive Cities
Ashok Chanda, Jie Shen and Feza Tabassum Azmi
HRM Strategic Integration Instrument (HRMSi): Knowing How Strategic an Organization's HRM Is?
Pritam Singh, Asha Bhandarkar and Ajay K Jain
In Search of a Leader: Followers' Quest

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