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The Middle School Principal's Calendar

The Middle School Principal's Calendar
A Month-By-Month Planner for the School Year

November 2003 | 280 pages | Corwin
This book will be a valuable tool for all middle school leaders, be they new to the position or seasoned veterans. The authors call for a more comprehensive definition of leadership at the middle school level, because headteachers at the middle level, perhaps more so than at any other level, must develop a staff that believes it can contribute to every aspect of the school's programme and tone. Developing the qualities and using the organizational tools presented in this book will help middle school headteachers truly become leaders of leaders.

The purpose of this book is to stimulate the reader's thinking and planning expertise. The authors describe practices that have worked in their schools, but are well aware that not all practices will be equally effective, or even applicable, in all schools. Hence the authors invite reader modification of any and all ideas contained herein.

About the Authors
1. July
July Key Tasks

Monitor Summer School

Review Curriculum-Writing Projects

Review Teacher Evaluations

Meet With Custodial Staff

Review and Revise Student Handbook

Update Teacher Manual

Review School Board's Policy Manual

Develop a Mission Statement

Review and Revise Administrative Responsibilities

Attend Monthly Board of Education Meetings

Analyze Trends in Disciplinary Referrals

Examine School Statistics

Assess Each Department's Status

Review Team Assignments

Meet With Parents

Review District Calendar

Check Status of Purchase Orders

Contact Local Police and Fire Officials

Review Report Cards and Grades

July Communications

Write Letter to Staff

Develop a Public Relations Program

Write Letter to Incoming Class

Write Letter to New Faculty and Staff Members

Establish Membership in Civic Associations

Subscribe to Local Newspapers

Write Letter to Nonpublic Schools

Write Letter to Parents Suggesting Summer Activities for Students

July Planning

Finalize New Student Orientation Program

Conduct Administrative Team Workshop

Finalize Calendar for Field Trips and Fundraising Activities

July Personnel

Review Staffing and Tenure Recommendations

July Checklists

2. August
August Key Tasks

Prepare School Opening Remarks for Staff

Meet With All Supervisors

Complete Master Schedule

Review the School's Mission Statement

Register New Students

Conduct Final Walk-Through With Head Custodian

Complete Last-Minute Double Checks

August Communications

Prepare Board of Education Presentation

Meet With Parent-Teacher Association Leaders

Complete School Opening Memo for Staff

Review Interim Reports

Send Letters to Students with Schedules for Opening Day

Send Opening-of-School Letter to Faculty and Staff

Send Letter to Parents About Future PTA Meetings

Write Article for Student Newspaper

Prepare First Weekly Memo to Staff

Send Letter to Police, Fire Officials, and Local Politicians

Submit Grade Examination and Analysis

August Planning

Establish Field Trip Schedule

Establish Fire Drill Schedule

Establish Goals and Special Projects

August Personnel

Set Shared Decision-Making Committee Meeting Dates

Revise Staff Directory

Review Substitute Teacher Procedures

Complete New Teacher Orientation Plans

August Checklists

3. September
September Key Tasks

Conduct First Faculty Meeting

Review Opening Preparations

Meet With Staff to Discuss Security Plans

Oversee Orientation of New Students

Meet With New Teachers

Initiate Staff Development Plans

Establish the Disciplinary Process

Review Guidance Program's Direction

Establish an Advisory Program

Complete Superintendent Reports

Provide Orientation for Public Address System Users

Meet With Extracurricular Advisors

Conduct Required Safety Drills

Begin Student Spirit Activities

Complete Annual Grant Proposals

September Communications

Compose Weekly Memo to Staff

Meet with Each Teacher Team

Report to PTA, Superintendent, and Board of Education on School Opening

School Improvement Teams and Site-Based Councils

Meet With School Nurse(s)

Write and Distribute Memo Regarding Special Education Accommodations

Conduct Class Visits

Send Open School Night Invitation to All Parents

Write Article for Principal's Newsletter to Parents

September Planning

Develop Assesmbly Procedures and Plans

Prepare for Open School Night

Develop Guidance Newsletters

Make Plans for an Evening Event With Coaches and Advisors

Plan Schoolwide Staff Development Activities

Maintain and Review Student Activities Calendar

Monitor Field Trip Requests

September Personnel

Distribute Emergency Information

Meet With Faculty Sunshine Committee

Develop a School Directory

Mail Faculty Start-of-School Materials

Set Up Schedule Changes Week With Guidance Department

Schedule Teacher Observations and Evaluations

Review Administrative Team Objectives

September Checklists

4. October
October Key Tasks

Set Budget Development Timelines and Parameters

Review Interim Reports

Prepare for Open School Night

Plan Halloween Dance and Alternative Activities

Screen New Entrants

Review Progress of Students in Need of Special Services

Review Plans for Faculty Meetings

Hold First Site-Based Committee Meeting

Coordinate the Year's Testing Program

Initiate Grade-Level Plans

Plan Homecoming Parade and Activities

Coordinate Recognition Day With Board of Education

Conduct Fire and Emergency Drills

October Communications

Plan Monthly Board of Education Presentation

Help Plan Monthly PTA Meetings

Schedule K-12 Principals' Meetings

Attend Meetings of Local Service Clubs

Review Bulletin Boards and School Exhibits

Send Thank-You Notes After Open School Night

Update School Profile

Conduct Evening Social Activities for Students

October Planning

Prepare List of Capital Improvements

Plan American Education Week Activities

Join Principals' Associations

October Personnel

Check on Teacher Observation Process

Host Breakfast for Staff

October Checklists

5. November
November Key Tasks

Prepare Report Cards

Conduct Teacher Observations

Hold Monthly Faculty Meeting

Preview School Play

Encourage Schoolwide Service Projects

Review Fundraising Guidelines

November Communications

Prepare PTA Presentation

Compose HOliday School Policy Memo

Prepare Board of Education Presentation

Foster Appreciation of Religious and Cultural Diversity

Initiate Student Service Awards Program

November Planning

Review Procedures for Inclement Weather

Apply for Funds and Permission to Attend Conferences

Complete Enrollment Projections

Schedule Holiday and Community Service Events

November Personnel

Involve the Library/Media Center

Continue New Teacher Orientation

November Checklists

6. December
December Key Tasks

Plan Holiday Work Schedule With Head Custodian

Review Budget Proposals

Complete and Report Calendar Year Fire Drills

Conduct Faculty Meeting

Schedule Classroom Observations

Prepare Holiday or Variety Show

Determine Components of the Sixth-Grade Orientation Program

December Communications

Prepare PTA Presentation

Prepare Presentation for Board of Education Meeting

Prepare for Retirement Parties

December Planning

Prepare Standardized Tests Results

Devise Midyear Examination Schedule

Review Winter Concert Schedule

Conduct Midyear Locker Cleanup

December Personnel

Coordinate Purchase of Gifts for Office and Custodial Staff

Review Extracurricular Activities and Evaluate Advisors and Coaches

December Checklists

7. January
January Key Tasks

Review Teacher Performance Evaluations

Create Remedial Plans for Staff

Evaulate Custodial Staff

Distribute Midyear Report Cards

Review Department and Team Goals

Review Curriculum Initiatives

Finalize Budget Requests

Make Informal Class Visits

Conduct Faculty Meeting

Prepare for Winter Examinations

January Communications

Conduct Parent-Teacher Conferences

Coordinate PTA Presentation

Prepare for Board of Education Meeting

Obtain Feedback on Student Lunch Program

January Planning

Assess Sixth-Grade Orientation Program

Review Ongoing Grants

Monitor Bulletin Board Displays

Collect Course Selection Data

January Personnel

Finalize Staffing Needs

Send Superintendent All First-Semester Teacher Evaluations

Conduct Evaluations for Nonprofessional Staff

January Checklists

8. February
February Key Tasks

Evaluate the Second-Semester Schedule

Issue Second-Quarter Report Cards

Complete Evaluations of Nontenured Teachers

Plan Monthly Faculty Meeting

Meet With Key Personnel About Next Year's Master Schedule

Review Teacher and Departmental Grades

Host a Career Fair

Plan for Eighth-Grade Graduation

February Communications

Prepare Boad of Education Report

Request Congratulatory Letters From Elected Officials

Hold Midyear Conferences

Prepare PTA Presentation

Encourage Teachers to Schedule Parents Conferences

Compose Honor Roll Congratulatory Letters

February Planning

Meet With High School Counselors

Check on Status of School Supplies

Establish Due Dates for Chairpersons' Scheduling Input

Coordinate Preparation of Facilities and Grounds for Spring

February Personnel

Evaulate New Teacher Orientation Program

Develop a Dialogue With Support Staff

February Checklists

9. March
March Key Tasks

Prepare to Defend Budget Requests

Continue Work on Master Schedule

Prepare for Summer School Program

Finalize Summer Writing Projects

Complete All Teacher Evaluations

Begin to Organize School Recognition Program

Conduct Faculty Meeting

March Communications

Set Meeting Dates With Elementary Principals

Supervise Closing Activities

Plan Monthly Board of Education Presentation

Prepare PTA Meeting Presentation

March Planning

Conduct Statewide Examinations

Begin Summer School Preparations

Begin Planning for Annual Awards Assembly

March Personnel

Begin New Teacher Hiring Process

Sent Reminder Notes to Supervisory Staff

March Checklists

10. April
April Key Tasks

Complete Master Schedule for Coming Year

Conduct New Student Orientation for Fifth Graders

Participate in Orientation for Eighth Graders

Make Public Presentation on Proposed Budget

Conduct Election for Student Government Officers

Initiate Student Awards Selection Process

Review Quarterly Report Cards

April Communications

Make PTA Presentation

Attend Monthly Board of Education Meeting

Send Congratulatory Letter to Honor Roll Students

Establish Parameters for Spring Musical

Complete Faculty Evaluations

Contact Parents of Students in Danger of Not Graduating

April Planning

Establish Summer Vacation and Work Schedules

Finalize Plan for Academic Awards Assembly

Facilitate Planning for Cultural Arts Program

April Personnel

Advertise Teacher Openings

Celebrate Secretaries' Day

April Checklists

11. May
May Key Tasks

Encourage District Budget Vote Participation

Conduct Monthly Faculty Meeting

Supervise Interim Report Distribution

Complete Evaluations of Administrative Team

Help With Summer School Planning

Conduct Exit Interviews

Conduct Remaining Fire Drills

Conduct Locker Cleanups

Oversee Administration of Standardized Tests

Prepare Report on Goals

May Communications

Distribute Progress/Interim Reports

Complete and Distribute Closing Procedures

Give Monthly Presentation at PTA Meeting

Contact Elementary School Principals

May Planning

Begin Developing Activities Calendar for the Coming Year

Finalize Custodial Summer Work Schedule and Goals

Analyze Present Year's Budget

Plan to Supervise and Attend Spring Events

May Personnel

Submit Recommendations for Extracurricular Appointments

Complete Extracurricular Activity Report

Conduct Ongoing Teacher Hiring

May Checklists

12. June
June Key Tasks

Monitor Final Examinations

Issue Final Report Cards

Review Final Grades

Complete All End-of-Year Reports

Organize Final Locker Cleanup

Conduct Moving-Up Exercises

Organize and Conduct Awards Assembly

Hold Early Registration for Summer School

Publish Teacher Sign-Out Procedures

Attend Culminating Events

Submit Summer Work Recommendations

Collect All Outstanding Books and Equipment

Arrange for Fall Sports and Activity Physicals

Transfer Student Records

Complete All Required Staff Evaluations

June Communications

Write End-of-Year Newsletter

Promote Faculty Drop-Ins

Make Board of Education Presentation

Attend PTA Installation Night

June Planning

Set Deadlines for Submission of Grades and Failure Lists

Finalize Summer Cleaning and Painting Schedule

Obtain All Teachers' and Chairpersons' Schedules and Vacation Dates

Develop Preliminary Plans for the Opening of School

June Personnel

Annouce Next Year's Teaching Schedules

Conduct Last-Minute Hiring

June Checklists

Sample Documents

Resource 1: Student Handbook Topics

Resource 2: Teacher Manual Topics

Resource 3: How to Build a Mission Statement for School Improvement

Resource 4: How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed

Resource 5: Building Inspection Checklist

Resource 6: Sample Interim/Progress Report

Resource 7: Middle School Substitutes' Memorandum

Resource 8: Characteristics of the Middle School Child

Resource 9: Building Security Memo

Resource 10: Principal's Orientation Presentation

Resource 11: Principal's Weekly Bulletin

Resource 12: Effective Teamwork and Group Leadership

Resource 13: Best Practices in Quality Education for Students With Severe Disabilities

Resource 14: Open School Night Memo to Teachers

Resource 15: Budget Process Calendar

Resource 16: Interim Progress Reports Memo

Resource 17: Attention-Deficit Disorders

Resource 18: American Education Week Memo

Resource 19: Fundraising Considerations

Resource 20: Principal's Newsletter to Parents

Resource 21: Holiday Gifts: A Challenge or a Burden

Resource 22: Administrator's Observation Worksheet

Resource 23: Rating Scale for Custodial Services

Resource 24: Scheduling Timeline

Resource 25: Inspirational Memorandum

Resource 26: Interviewing Questions for Teachers

Resource 27: Letter Sent to All Those Running for School Offices

Resource 28: Rating Your Middle School Principal

Resource 29: Teacher's Comments for Interim Reports and Report Cards

Resource 30: Student Activities Evaluation Report

Resource 31: Final Examination Schedule

Resource 32: Locker Cleanup

Resource 33: End-of-Year Sign-Out List


Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: July

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