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A Textbook of Microeconomic Theory

A Textbook of Microeconomic Theory

First Edition
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July 2015 | 484 pages | SAGE Texts

A comprehensive analysis of the theoretical tools, real-world applications, policy implications and corner solutions of microeconomics.

This book offers a discussion of all significant topics including applications and extension of consumer theory; theory of the firm; production, cost and supply; partial and general equilibrium; welfare economics; uncertainty and information; market imperfections as well as a detailed overview of the theory of games.

It provides coverage of the basic as well as modern aspects in the subject, supported by India-centric examples, data and case studies. Complete with a number of original algebraic derivations and graphical expositions, this textbook will serve as an indispensable companion for students of microeconomics.

Feature Highlights:

•  Accessible and reader-friendly approach.

•  Wide coverage of basic and modern aspects of the subject.

•  Up-to-date statistics, illustrations and examples.

•  Special emphasis on policy applications and full treatment of corner solutions.

• Rich pedagogical elements including numerical examples, tables, cases, graphical illustrations, and chapter-end exercises.

Introduction to Microeconomic Theory
Theory of Consumer Behavior
Applications of Consumer Theory
Extensions of Consumer Theory
Production, Cost and Supply
Markets in Partial Equilibrium
General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
Uncertainty and Information
Monopoly and Market Power
The Theory of Games
Market Structures between Competition and Monopoly
Externalities and Public Goods
Answers to Chapter-End Exercises

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