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Managing Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom

Managing Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom
A Road Map for Teachers, Specialists, and Behavior Support Teams

Edited by:

Foreword by Randy Sprick

May 2009 | 152 pages | Corwin
Understand the reasons behind noncompliant behavior and use proven interventions in the classroom!

This book provides teachers with an in-depth understanding of the many behaviours students exhibit in the classroom, especially noncompliance and defiance. School safety and student behaviour expert Geoff Colvin fully describes and illustrates a procedure for assessing noncompliant behaviour and identifying key factors that contribute to and foster this challenging problem behaviour. The book offers a systematic approach for using an array of evidence-based strategies for each contributing factor to reduce noncompliant behaviour and establish cooperation. This is an ideal resource for teachers, behaviour specialists, and behaviuor support teams that provides:

- Details for understanding and assessing noncompliance and defiance

- Procedural guidelines to assist readers in developing systematic intervention plans based on assessment information and available strategies

- Case studies and examples of the model in action

- Additional resources to help readers pursue further information as needed

Foreword by Randy Sprick
About the Author
Part I. Understanding Noncompliant Behavior
1. Urgency of the Problem
2. Defining Noncompliant Behavior
3. Systematically Assessing Noncompliant Behavior
Part II. Designing Intervention Plans for Noncompliant Behavior
4. Immediate Triggers
5. Setting Events
6. Effects of the Noncompliant Behavior
7. Putting It All Together
8. The Road Map

“This book is an invaluable resource for teachers, behavior specialists, and school teams interested in creating a positive learning environment for students. Geoff Colvin provides practical advice for addressing student noncompliance in ways that are easy to integrate into your classroom, school, and district.”

Rachel Freeman, Associate Research Professor and Director
Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support, University of Kansas

"Colvin addresses two of the most difficult and frustrating categories of misbehavior encountered by teachers and provides a wealth of strategies for preventing and intervening with these problems."

From the Foreword by Randy Sprick

"Finally, a book derived from research but written with practical examples so that teachers can better understand how to develop successful interventions in addressing noncompliance in the classroom."

Heather Peshak George, Assistant Professor and Codirector
University of South Florida

"Colvin is a true leader education and psychology. He effectively presents research-based strategies for proactively managing noncompliance and defiance in the classroom. The strategies are supplemented with chapter summaries, case studies, and reproducible materials. This book is a must-have for teachers and school personnel seeking to effectively manage student behavior and improve student achievement."

R. Anthony Doggett, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of School Psychology
Mississippi State University

"Colvin provides a helpful road map for school teams. The case studies provide real examples that make the information easily understood and translated into real-life situations. The book provides practical, easy-to-use, reproducible tools for assessing problem behaviors and developing effective intervention strategies. It is an excellent resource for creating a positive, safe, and productive learning environment."

Sylvia Martinez and Laura Zeff, District Behavior Specialists
Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

The coverage is extremely important for educators to know. The content is absolutely a must for classroom teachers and consultants.

Sheila Raza-Self
Educational/Behavioral Consultant, PA

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