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Managing the Cycle of Meltdowns for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Managing the Cycle of Meltdowns for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Foreword by Richard L. Simpson

July 2012 | 240 pages | Corwin
This hands-on, practical, teacher-friendly approach to preventing as well as responding to the acting-out behaviors of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) includes detailed procedures for general and special education teachers. It is based on the model described in Colvin's bestselling book, Managing the Cycle of Acting Out Behavior in the Classroom, which presents a 7-step model for confronting challenging behavior in the classroom, from the calm phase to the agitation phase to the deescalation phase. Of special importance in this book is the attention paid to how challenging behaviors of students with ASD are related to the disability, specifically the role of sensory and medical issues. Based on a well-researched model, the methods in this book have been field-tested.
Foreword by Richard L. Simpson
About the Authors
Section I: A Model for Meltdown Behavior of Students With ASD
1. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Overview
2. The Nature of Meltdowns
3. A Six-Phase Model of the Meltdown Cycle
Section II: Strategies for Managing the Phases of the Meltdown Cycle
4. Calm Phase
5. Trigger Phase
6. Agitation Phase
7. Meltdown Phase
8. Re-Grouping Phase
9. Starting-Over Phase
10. The Parent Component
Closing Remarks

"This book provides educators and parents with current research-based strategies for helping to recognize the stages of meltdown in children with ASD and a model for systematic analysis and action. The strategies suggested are comprehensive and sensitive to the diversity of student needs."

Shannan McNair, Associate Professor
Oakland University, Rochester, MI

"This how-to book provides a good introduction to the meltdown cycle and strategies anyone can implement. I recommend it as a particularly good resource for administrators and others who have had limited experience with autism."

Wendy Dallman, Facilitator of New Teacher Mentoring Program
School District of New London, WI

"This text meets a need for special educators who work with ASD students. The material is useful and easy to navigate. The appendices offered some very concrete examples that are helpful for implementation."

Mandy Ellis, Special Education Teacher and Learning Intervention Specialist
Dunlap School District #323, Peoria, IL

"The author clearly explains the process of meltdown prevention and includes tables, lists and charts that summarize important points in the text. These features help teachers encapsulate the information into manageable, memorable bites, and are helpful for analyzing real-life situations."

Carole S. Campbell, Early Childhood Consultant
First Focus on Kids, Tucson, AZ

“An indispensable resource for teachers working with students with ASD, this book is informative, useful, easy to follow, and loaded with wisdom on analyzing challenging meltdown behaviors, identifying triggers, and implementing effective interventions.”

Catalina Palfreman, Special Education Teacher
Wellesley High School, MA

“As parents of a teenage boy with Autism, we highly recommend this book. Although our son has not had a true meltdown in many years, he still periodically displays the rest of the cycle. We learned from Geoff and Martin’s book that what we once regarded as problem behaviors are really very purposeful strategies for achieving his various goals. We wish we'd had this resource 15 years ago! However, we are now better equipped to manage his current needs.”

Greg and Shelley Backstrom, Parents of child with ASD
Tacoma, WA

"This book is a key to keeping autistic meltdowns from taking over a classroom. Practical steps to recognizing, preventing and responding to common phases of meltdown behaviors with autism spectrum disorder students provides a guide that advocates positive behavior support and gives basic keys to achieving these goals."

Midwest Book Review, October 2012

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