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Looking Forward to Monday Morning

Looking Forward to Monday Morning
Ideas for Recognition and Appreciation Activities and Fun Things to Do at Work for Educators

February 2005 | 216 pages | Corwin
` Diane Hodges' work is for those amongst us who need to show appreciation but need a helping hand with the practicalities.

It has dozens of ideas for activities and rewards and covers a range of settings from formal and informal to days out and celebrations. There is something for everyone from teachers and bosses to friends and lovers - although you will have to use your imagination to make it applicable to your own circumstances.

Just don't get carried away and remember that rewards must be of value to the recipient - not what you think the recipient wants! And above all, they must be sincere - nothing devalues any reward system faster than cynicism.

And the easiest tip from the book is to remember that one of the most powerful ways of showing appreciation is promptly and sincerely saying so! And by being specific about what it is that you like so much' - Nurturing Potential

Empower your staff members with a fresh appreciation for their work by nurturing their growth and success!

Has Monday morning become a less-than-exciting event for your staff members? Do you wish that you could help them look forward to the new week; that you could provide them with a more tangible appreciation for their efforts? In Looking Forward to Monday Morning, Diane Hodges, a former human resources director and school administrator, shares numerous staff appreciation and recognition activities that can be implemented to promote a positive environment and inspire staff members to look forward to the beginning of each new week.

In this insightful text, you will find low-cost, fun ideas that will help staff members:

- Experience concrete recognition for hard work and accomplishments

- Increase productivity and job longevity

- Exercise creativity during meetings, holidays, and lunchtime

- Participate in their own success while encouraging the growth and success of others

Empower your staff members with a fresh appreciation for their work and transform each day of the week into an opportunity for creativity and fun.

About the Author
About the Illustrator
I. Appreciation & Recognition
1. Group Recognition - Formal Activities
Years of Service Awards

Attendance Awards

Recognition From the Boss

Appreciation Events & Awards

End-of-the-Year Appreciation

Teacher Recognition

Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

Non-Employee Awards

Team Awards

Staff Appreciation Day or Week

Staff Newsletter

2. Group Recognition - Informal Activities
General Recognition

Gifts of Time

Special People Recognition

Name Recognition

Food Rewards - Yum!

Symbols of Recognition

Words of Thanks & Praise

Rewards for Meeting Goals

3. Individual Recognition
General Recognition

Special Recognition

Written Praises

Trying New Things...Good & Bad

II. Fun Ways to Spend Work Days
4. From the Beginning
New Year Starters

Get-Acquainted Activities

Staff Meetings

5. Through the Day
Professional Development Fun

Food & Fun

"Lunch Bunch" Activities

Your Attitude Is Showing!

No Special Reason...Just for Fun

Dress-Up Events

Counting the Days

6. To the End & Beyond
"Fun-Raisers" & Community Service

Label It Generous

End-of-the-Year Activities

Other Group Activities

After-Hours Network

III. Celebrating With Coworkers
7. Caring & Sharing
Welcoming a New Staff Member or Boss

Administrative Professionals Week

Get-Well Activities


Resignation or Retirement

Farewell Gifts

Think Spring!

8. Celebrating Holidays
Holiday Calendar

Valentine's Day




Holiday Gifts & Exchanges

"White Elephant" Events

Staff Gifts

Holiday Communications

Holiday Events

IV. Celebrate Yourself
9. Appreciate Yourself

"The Best Thing About Today Was" Journal

Self-Affirmations Corner

Professional Portfolios

Your Office Environment

Daily Schedule


"This book is well thought out, well written, and thorough. It contains page after page of examples and is a one point source for ways to make Monday mornings less tedious and more fun. Want to make your employees look forward to the workweek? This is the 'must have' book for you."

William Warren, Instructional Manager/Teacher
Van Buren Technology Center

"Every administrator needs a copy of this book . . . and should keep it on the top of the 'To Do Pile'."

Nelda Howton, Principal
Shoemaker High School, Killeen, TX

"The timing of this book is invaluable as our district addresses staff recruitment and retention goals."

Stephen Kleinsmith, Superintendent
Nixa-RII School District, Nixa, MO

"This book is for every well-intended administrator or frustrated staff member! It shows the power of positive reinforcement and the importance of recognition and appreciation in our schools today."

Bob Nelson, President
Nelson Motivation, Inc.

"As a professional trainer, Looking Forward to Monday Morning is a marvelous addition to my collection of icebreakers and team building exercises. Organizations that implement even a few of the ideas in this book will find they have happier, more productive employees who enjoy coming to work."

Allen Dietz
Independent Consultant

"Through the use of subtle humor, Hodges gives us extensive ideas and examples of ways we can improve our individual workplace environments. This book was truly enhanced by the inclusion of personal experiences by the author."

Shawna Mahaffey, Professor of Business
Delta College

"In the spirit of the holiday season we gave all faculty, board members, administrators, and counselors copies of the book."

Susan Symons, Director
Pottawatomie Consortium

"Diane Hodges reminds us that there is a vast difference between compensation (the money) and recognition...many talented people leave good jobs and good money simply because they do not feel appreciated or valued as people.  Buy the book, read the examples, but even more important, follow through.  Go on, show someone you appreciate them!"

Nurturing Potential, Issue 18

"If you ever wanted to thank your staff but didn’t know how, this is the book for you. Hodges notes that surveys show that recognition for a job well done ranks higher as a motivational factor than wages and job security. Principals and managers who actively show how much they value their employees build a positive climate that filters down to students. The ideas contained in this book are sure to tickle your staff and build morale."

Principal Magazine
NAESP, Nov/Dec 2005

The user-friendliness of the text and the world of ideas that can be implemented by administration and even teachers themselves!

Professor Bonnie E Walker
Education , Fresno Pacific University
May 24, 2016