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From Lesson Plans to Power Struggles, Grades 6–12

From Lesson Plans to Power Struggles, Grades 6–12
Classroom Management Strategies for New Teachers

October 2009 | 232 pages | Corwin
Using stories from novice secondary school teachers in urban, suburban, and rural districts, this book illustratesáways to solve various classroom management problems. In From Lesson Plans to Power Struggles, Grades 6û12: Classroom Management Strategies for New Teachers, each chapter tackles a common issue and containsárelevant stories along with an expert analysis of the strategies and the underlying practical principles that contributed to each teacherÆs success. The author identifies when the challenges that confronted byáteachers are related toálesson execution or discipline. Readers will also find realistic and helpful scenarios thatáreflect instances whenáa teacher may not have been as successful as intended.
Foreword by Jean Lythcott, Phd
About the Author
Part I. Lesson Execution Problems
1. The Advantage of a Well-Planned, Activity-Based Lesson
2. When Your Lesson Plan Is Inadequate
3. When Your Lesson Is Boring
4. When Your Directions Generate Frustration
5. When the Activities You?ve Planned Don?t Fill the Allotted Time
6. Getting the Class Settled for the Start of the Lesson
7. When You Have a Persistently Noisy Class
8. When Your Normally Attentive Class Is Noisy
9. When the Class Misuses Instructional Materials
10. When Students Don?t Do Their Homework
11. When There?s a Threat to Student Safety
12. When There?s a Mishap
13. When a Tragic Event Affects the School Community
Part II. Discipline Problems
14. When a Good Student Violates a Minor Rule
15. When You Have a Class Clown
16. When Students Are Your Buddies
17. When You Have a Student Who Talks a Lot
18. When a Group Misbehaves (Or Is Likely to Misbehave)
19. When a Student Is Outspoken
20. When a Student Does Little or No Schoolwork
21. When a Student Seems Troubled
22. When Students Bully
23. When Students Cheat
24. When Students Fight
25. When You Find Yourself in a Power Struggle
26. When Your Student Has a Tantrum
27. When a Student Persistently Seeks Attention
28. When a Student Provokes the Class?s Animosity
29. When an Administrative Intervention Is Necessary
Conclusion: Becoming an Effective Classroom Manager
Glossary and Index of Technical Terms
Alphabetical Index of Practical Principles
Topical Index of Practical Principles
Index of Supplementary Concepts
General Index

“An excellent resource for beginning and veteran secondary teachers, offering strategies that work to meet the challenges they encounter daily. I am recommending this book to my staff for reflection on how they address difficult situations and implement positive change.”

Joseph J. Mazzetti, Assistant Principal
Poughkeepsie High School, NY

“A much-needed how-to guide for beginning teachers. This book gives beginning teachers a heads up on the real-life management issues that envelope the art and science of effective instruction.”

Elisabeth Hess Rice, Assistant Professor
The George Washington University

“How I wish I had this book when I began my teaching career 45 years ago! I found in each story another ‘aha’ of recognition. While the author claims the book to be simply a practical, concise classroom management guide for novice teachers, she delivers so much more, providing the grist to enhance her readers’ confidence as well as their competence and preparing them for interpersonal challenges well beyond the classroom. Helping novice teachers triumph over their insecurities and fears, Zuckerman provides the windows for them to understand themselves so they can better nurture their students. In effect, her book inducts all teachers, whether novice or experienced, into the art of teaching, pointing the way for them to bestow upon their students the priceless gift of a love of learning.”

Bonnie M. Kaye, School Psychologist
Westwood Regional Schools, Washington Township, NJ

“As a novice teacher craving more and more knowledge about the elaborate and multifaceted world of teaching, I couldn’t wait to delve into the stories and techniques Zuckerman highlighted from other novice teachers. I found comfort in the fact that many of my teaching experiences were the same as other novice teachers. Zuckerman’s ability to provide exceptional techniques from lesson planning to discipline issues and overall effective classroom management strategies is by far the most useful information any novice teacher could ask for.”

Lecia Zulak, Science Teacher
Franklin Roosevelt High School, Hyde Park, NY

“Provides practical, helpful information for novice teachers. Emphasizes the importance of activity-based lesson plans that influence effective classroom discipline.”

Nicholas J. Steenstra, Retired Principal
Parsippany Troy-Hills Township Schools, NJ

"Prepares the novice teacher for success in classroom management with a guide that exposes the real nature of disruptive events, along with clearly stated solutions."

William D. Schraer, Retired Supervisor for Science Instruction
Middletown City Schools, NY

Great for my methods course! Easy to read and generate discussion groups.

Mrs Elyse Joy
Education, Marist College
June 20, 2011

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