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Learning for Life

Learning for Life
Creating Classrooms for Self-Directed Learning

July 1996 | 184 pages | Corwin
A self-directed learner takes control of his/her own learning, making decisions based on self-knowledge and personal values that support the student's learning goals. In a self-directed learning classroom, self-discipline is embedded in the classroom norms and supports learning. The authors of this book describe the characteristics of a self-directed learner, a teacher who promotes this form of education, and a school that supports teachers and students in self-directed learning.
What Is Self-Directed Learning?
Self-Directing versus Traditional Schools
What's the Difference?

Looking at Self-Directed Learners
Changing Student Perceptions
Looking at a Self-Directed Learning Classroom
Self-Directed Learning in the Classroom
The Teacher's Territory

Self-Directed Learning outside the Classroom
The Principal's Territory

Becoming a Self-Directing School

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ISBN: 9780803963863