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International Business

International Business
Theory and Practice

  • Ehud Menipaz - Chairman, The Ira Centre for Business, Ben Gurion University, Israel
  • Amit Menipaz - Vice President, Structured Data, ebay

March 2011 | 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What is international business? How does it differ from local or national business? What are the fundamental challenges and emerging trends in international business? What is the impact of globalization, corporate social responsibility, and the ever expanding use of digital technology on corporate strategies and executive decisions?

International Business: Theory and Practice addresses these questions by providing the student with a broad overview of the subject, while guiding readers through the practical issues and context of international business with the use of a range of examples, cases and discussion questions drawn from around the world.

Current critical issues in international business are analysed and explored: corporate social responsibility in an era of unprecedented globalization, the rise of the global entrepreneur and the `democratization' of competition worldwide, and applications of technology in a digital economy.

Key Features:

- Unpacks the complex issues facing both multi-national enterprises (MNE) and international small and medium enterprises (SME)

- Contains a full range of learning features including international case studies, explanations of key terms, a glossary, and annotated further reading

- A dedicated companion website with material to support both lecturers and students.

Visit the Companion Website at

Global Business in the 21st Century
Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility and Ethics
Cultural Context of International Business
Political and Legal Environments of International Business
Economic Systems and International Trade
International Trade and Regional Integration
International Financial System
Foreign Direct Investment
International Trade, Investment and Regional Integration
The Global Financial System
International and Global Strategy
Global Alliances
Joint Ventures and Mergee and Acquisitions

Global Technology Management
Global Human Resources Management
International Financial Management
Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
Global Marketing, Sales and Support
International Accounting and Taxation

This book is very detailed and has up to date data... But little intense for undergraduate students. That's why I will use this book as supplementary for undergrad International Business Management Class.

Professor Ozge Ozgen
Department of Intrnational Business & Trade, Dokuz Eylul University
October 1, 2012

I think it was a fairly good book, but not really what I was looking for. I have thus passed it on to one of my former doctoral candidates who is now developing a course where it might fit.

Katarina Lagerstrom
Dept of Business Studies, Uppsala University
August 17, 2012

The book is very comprehensive and a good read. Only downside is that it could be more succinct in some parts, so aggregating information a bit stronger.

Dr Thilo Pukall
Faculty of Management & Economics, University of Witten/Herdecke
August 17, 2012

Colleagues pushed for staying with Hill. I could go on my own, but decided to fit in, given assessment issues. I am hoping that our next round of reviews will get us moving.

Dr Jeanne McNett
Business Studies Dept, Assumption College
March 11, 2012

Students like it

Dr Rafi Sheikh
INTO, University of East Anglia
September 20, 2011

A practical book easy to read offering many activities to complement and enhance a lesson. A good book for undergraduates levels.

Mr Wilfrid Flanda
Chartered Management Institute (CMI), The British Institute of Technology & E-commerce
April 11, 2011

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