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Integrating Curricula With Multiple Intelligences

Integrating Curricula With Multiple Intelligences
Teams, Themes, and Threads

Second Edition

Foreword by Howard Gardner

April 2008 | 232 pages | Corwin
Integrating Curricula With Multiple Intelligences combines Gardner's nine multiple intelligences (verbal, logical, musical, visual, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and existentialist) with Fogarty's ten curriculum integration models (fragmented, connected, nested, sequenced, shared, webbed, threaded, integrated, immersed, and networked). The authors offer strategies for building teams and professional learning communities, exploring how to put power into themes, and ways to thread life skills through the subject matter content.

This unique and practical book includes cooperative structures for interactive lessons, strategies for developing relevant integrated units, ideas for webbing themes to the intelligences, methods that infuse rigor into thematic units, and much more.

Foreword by Howard Gardner
The Why's and Wherefore's
A Look at the Book
1. Theories
Caine and Caine's Twelve Principles

From the Tower: Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

From the Field: Multiple Intelligences

From the Tower: Fogarty's Models of Curriculum Integration

From the Field: Curriculum Integration

Differentiated Instruction

Frames of Mind - Grid Talk

2. Teams
Teams Rap

List of Words (Bombardment)

Jagged Profile Activities

Jagged Profile Implications

Collaborative Teams in Professional Learning Communities

Forming Teams: Top Down or Bottom Up?

Beginning the Conversation: It's a Start!

Teaming Conference

Team Meetings

Guide on the Side: Facilitating the Team or PLC

3. Themes
Themes as Organizing Centers

Themes as Catalysts

Thematic Teaching Theorists


Basic Models

Introduction to Tandems - Themes

Elementary Lesson: "Miss Mary Mack"

Middle School Lesson: Africa - South of the Sahara

High School Lesson: Medieval Europe During the Black Death

Matrix Mixer

4. Threads
Reform for the Twenty-First Century

Problem Solving Becomes the Thread

Life Skills

Basic Models

Introduction to Tandems - Threaded

Elementary Lesson: Threaded Model: Prediction

Middle School Lesson: Threaded Model: Cause and Effect

High School Lesson: Threaded Model: Communication

Kids Incorporated and the Cemetery Study

Authors' Note
The Tri-Assessment Model

Rubric for Integrating Learning

Using the Tri-Assessment Model

Speech Fugue: Elementary

Appendix: Miscellaneous Tools

"Teachers are held accountable for designing instruction and assessing standards-based outcomes. They are also asked to teach for retention, cooperative learning, and individual differences. This book provides a wealth of delightful, creative, and compelling strategies and lessons, with techniques for integrating these diverse objectives."

Arthur L. Costa, Professor Emeritus
California State University, Sacramento

"Has great merit in providing connections and a strong learning environment for students. The authors provide excellent charts, templates, graphic organizers, and resources for educators to use and examine."

Rosemarie Young, Principal
Watson Lane Elementary School, Louisville, KY

"In this concrete book with a multitude of examples, the authors offer specific suggestions for merging curriculum with recent multiple intelligences experience and research. The tone is upbeat and the style is practical and well organized, making it appealing to teachers."

Renee Peoples, Teacher
Swain West Elementary, Bryson City, NC

"Well written, user-friendly, and has great examples that educators will relate to."

Brigitte Tennis, Headmistress and Seventh-Grade Teacher
Stella Schola Middle School, Redmond, WA

"Clear, concise, and with outstanding illustrative material. The book adds to the discussion on integrating curriculum with multiple intelligences."

Linda Eisinger, Third-Grade Teacher
West Elementary School, Jefferson City, NC

"The authors are sensitive to the constraints that operate on teachers even as they are open to ways in which teachers can refashion their classes and curricula to reach more children in more effective ways. This book will help teachers to enliven and enrich their classrooms and to forge new connections across concepts and curricula."

From the Foreword by Howard Gardner

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