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How to Build the Master Schedule in 10 Easy Steps

How to Build the Master Schedule in 10 Easy Steps
A Guide for Secondary School Administrators

October 2007 | 160 pages | Corwin
One of the most time-consuming and context-specific tasks for school leaders and school planning committees is the creation of the master schedule. Through 10 straightforward steps, How to Build the Master Schedule in 10 Easy Steps helps demystify the process and give readers a plan for the school year, whether planning around a September-June calendar or an August-May calendar, and within an eight-period day or a nine-period day.
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Author’s Note
1. Step #1: Plan It – The Curriculum Development Stage
2. Step #2: Package It – Four Steps for Preparing the Scheduling Materials
3. Step #3: Market It – Reaching Out to the Students and Parents
4. Step #4: Count ‘Em Up – Determining Tallies, Sections, and Staff
5. Step #5: Spot Trouble – The Conflict Matrix
6. Step #6: Build It – Construction of the Master Schedule
7. Step #7: Test It – Computer Simulation
8. Step #8: Load It – Three Methods for Loading Students Into the Schedule
9. Step #9: Adjust It – Mop of End-of-Year Changes
10. Step #10: Refine It – The Final Touch
11. Final Word
Resource A: 10-Step Review
Resource B: 10-Step Review by School Year Month
Resource C: 10-Step Review by Document

"This book is an incredibly valuable resource to anyone involved in building a master schedule. The author provides a comprehensive description of the processes involved and makes the reader aware of what needs to be considered and done throughout the process. An outstanding book!"

Robert Blake, Principal
Mainland Regional High School, Linwood, NJ

“All secondary schools—urban, suburban, or rural, large or small—should have this book on hand as they begin the scheduling process. It is an excellent resource and helpful to everyone, even those of us who have been building master schedules for years. I give it two thumbs up!”

Judy Brunner, Educational Consultant
Edu-Safe LLC

"Well structured, very practical, very easy to read, very relevant to school administrators, and very accessible to a national audience."

Michelle Tichy, Professor
St. Norbert College

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