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The Future Is Ours

The Future Is Ours
Minority Politics, Political Behavior, and the Multiracial Era of American Politics

January 2012 | 352 pages | CQ Press
Today's demographic reality is a "majority-minority" America wherein racial and ethnic minorities comprise a growing share of the U.S. population and electorate, and are themselves becoming more diverse and representing more decisive votes. How America evolves as a society and a polity depends on whether and how these new Americans access and are accommodated by existing institutions.

The Future is Ours offers a data-based examination of whether (and exactly how) minority citizens differ from members of the white majority—in political participation, voting preferences, policy opinions, orientations toward government, and legislative representation. Data analyses are presented in non-technical fashion, but throughout the authors attempt to engage issues of research design that expose students to the logics of social science inquiry.

Bowler and Segura argue that demography will, in fact, be destiny. The balance between the two parties is at a tipping point and the outcome depends on how minority Americans engage in politics.

Demography is Destiny! Or…You Just Never Know…
Demography, Identity, and a Changing America: A Not-So-Simple Examination of Rapid Change
Electoral Competition and the Democratic Reliance on Minority Vote
Party Identification and Two-Party Vote among Minority Citizens
The Political Distinctiveness of American Minorities
Taking Part in Politics: The Essence of Democracy
Participation Beyond Voting and Minority Politics
Representation: Representatives, Elections, and Electoral Reform
Core Orientations to the Political System
Values and Beliefs: Is There a “Culture War” across Racial and Ethnic Groups?
Immigration and Its Discontents
Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation
“We Have Seen the Future and the Future Is Ours”

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