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The Fractal Organization

The Fractal Organization
Creating Enterprises of Tomorrow

July 2015 | 360 pages | SAGE Response

The biggest challenge facing leaders today is the creation of organizations that are capable of surviving and flourishing in these uncertain times. How does one create an organization that is sustainable in the long run, how can organizations be ready for uncertainties that the markets place upon them, how can an organization be simply brilliant by design? This book leverages the proposed meta-theory for progressive organizational design and dynamics real-world reflections to create fractal-based sustainable enterprises of tomorrow.  

In this meta-theory all instances of organization, from the smallest, such as an idea or a person, to the largest, such as global markets and planet earth herself, are fractals:  the essence of their way of being is repeated on scales both smaller and larger than themselves.  There is however, a particular class of fractals, that of progress, of which The Fractal Ladder is an ever-present manifestation, which spawns organizations that are truly progressive and sustainable in nature.  In the scheme of things this class of fractals is of critical importance, and to master its replication and to fully understand the impact it will have in creating sustainable and dynamic organizations is a practical necessity. 

Divided into three parts, Part I – Theory, will present the theory behind the Fractal Organization. Part II – Exercises, will translate key elements of the fractal-based world-view into practical activities and exercises at the personal and workplace levels. Part III – Reflections, will apply the basic logic of the sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal to many practical problems and situations we are faced with daily to suggest ways to address them.

List of Figures
Foreword by Dipak Jain
The Pattern
The Person Pattern
The Business Pattern
The Economy Pattern
The System Pattern
The Evolution Pattern
The Fractal Ladder
Fractal Properties
The Nature of Progress
Remaking the Business World
Creating Enterprises of Tomorrow
Exercises 1 – The Pattern
Exercises 2 – The Person Pattern
Exercises 3 – The Business Pattern
Exercises 4 – The Economy Pattern
Exercises 5 – The System Pattern
Exercises 6 – The Evolution Pattern
Exercises 7 – The Fractal Ladder
Exercises 8 – Fractal Properties
Exercises 9 – The Nature of Progress
Exercises 10 – Remaking the Business World
Exercises 11 – Creating Enterprises of Tomorrow
Bonus Exercises: Creating Your Personal Manifesto
A Personal Experience of Fractals
Reflections at the Individual Level
Reflections at the Organizational Level
Reflections on Organizational Design
Reflections on Industry Development
Reflections on Financial Crises
Reflection From the 2012 US Presidential Elections
Reflections on Various Global Political Developments

[This book] is a wonderfully creative, practical, and effective approach to enabling the sustainable and high-performing enterprise. It is the most comprehensive and clearest approach in the field for implementing the fascinating concept of fractal organizations. Business leaders who are looking for creative new ways to transform their companies would do well to take this field guide seriously.

Ram Nidumolu
CEO, InnovaStrat; HBR Author

[This book] provides an insightful framework for building sustainable organizations. It is particularly valuable as it enables critical thinking in a world where we are fast hitting limits on several fronts. As a bonus, the book provides exciting practical exercises for individuals and organizations to ground the theory in real practice.

Kailash Joshi
Co-founder, The Indus Entrepreneurs; Former General Manager, IBM

[This book] provides an empowering approach and set of tools for leaders to grasp how we can impact the systems in which we operate. It is easy to be discouraged by the layers of complexity within organizations and, indeed, national and global economies. Understanding fractals and the power of “being the change you wish to see” is as equally liberating as it is daunting. Malik provides a strong theoretical basis for the fractal approach and guides willing readers through to understanding by doing. Thorough, deep work.

Diane Osgood
Director, Business Innovation, Virgin Management Limited

“This book provides an insightful framework for building sustainable organizations."

Kailash Joshi,
Co-founder, The Indus Entrepreneurs; Former General Manager, IBM

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