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Transformational Leadership Coaching for Sustainable Change

Foreword by Rob and Kathy Bocchino

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August 2013 | 184 pages | Corwin
Even highly effective leaders can succumb to the change-killing forces of the status quo. Flywheel, the flagship leadership coaching program from Renewal Coaching picks up where training, teaching and modeling leaves off. This is a transformational leadership coaching approach that places the locus of control firmly in the hands of the person being coached, not the person doing the coaching. At the same time, leadership coaches push others to clarify, reflect, problem solve, reframe, consider new perspectives, learn, and achieve new insights that lead to bold action.

This book is all about the "how" of leadership coaching. Flywheel represents a compilation of the material Elle Allison uses in her Leadership Renewal Coaching Workshops and Seminars.

It was a high school Physics teacher in one of Elle's workshops who observed that coaching was a "flywheel" to the hard work of leaders. This teacher explained to Elle that a flywheel is a mechanical invention that stores energy, which can be called on and used to keep things moving when the energy source is unavailable. For the Physics teacher in Elle's coaching class, the coaching conversation created energy for him—energy that he took back to his work, energy that sustained him when the going gets rough.

Foreword by Rob and Kathy Bocchino
About the Author
Part I. Promise
Chapter 1. The Meaning of Transformational Leadership Coaching
A Story of Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership Coaching

The Transformational Leader

From Transformational Leadership to Transformed Organizations

What if Your Leadership Coaching Initiative Played a Bigger Game?

Chapter 2. Coach More, Lead More
Coaching Is Leadership

Opportunities for Leaders to Coach

To Coach or Not to Coach

Portals to Coaching

Answering the Call

On to Part II!

Part II. Projects
Chapter 3. The Greater Good: What Leaders Want You to Coach Them On

The Greater Good

Helping Leaders Select Coaching Projects

What Could You Be Coached On?

Additional Tools Related to This Chapter

Chapter 4. The First 100 Days
What's So Big About the First 100 Days?

The First 100-Day Plan Defined

Descriptions of the Actions in Each Phase

Final Guidelines

Part III. Practice
Chapter 5. The Flywheel System
Flywheel Leadership Coaching Components

Additional Tools Related to This Chapter

Chapter 6. The Powerful Coaching Conversation: An Overview
A Process Engineered for Inspiration

How the Powerful Coaching Conversation Process Works

Step 1. Greetings and Accountability

Step 2. Connect to the Work and Focus This Coaching Session

Step 3. Coachee Tells the Story

Step 4. Question Assumptions and Deepen Understanding

Step 5. Interact Through Thought Leadership Questions (TLQs)

Step 6 and Step 7. Generative Reflection and Brainstorming

Step 8. Wisdom and Commitment to Action

Drawing the Conversation to Closure

"You're Going to Be Great"

A Series of Powerful Conversations Leading to Wisdom and Transformational Change

It Ain't Always Pretty, But You're Going to Be Great

Additional Tools Related to This Chapter

Chapter 7. Listen, Just Listen
What Listening Means to Coaching

What Stops Coaches From Listening?

What Coaches "Do" When They Listen

Listening and Leaders Who Coach

Return to Listening

Listening Is the Gatekeeper to Great Coaching

Chapter 8. Question Assumptions and Deepen Understanding
Transition From Step 3 to Step 4

Communication Skills Used by Coaches in Step 4

The Ladder of Inference

The Coaching Conversation in Step 4

Step 4 Pitfalls

Readiness for Step 5

Chapter 9. Thought Leadership Questions
Inspired Thought

A Coaching Scenario: Meet "Caroline"

Adding Step 5 to the Powerful Coaching Conversation

The Magic of Thought Leadership Questions: How the Mind Works

Using Thought Leadership Questions for Good

Deep Wells of Knowledge

Chapter 10. The Jaunty Walk
The Jaunty Walk

A Coaching Scenario: Meet "Adam"

Part IV. Progress
Chapter 11. Monitoring the Results of Leadership Coaching
Is Leadership Coaching Operating as Expected?

Do Leaders With Coaches Create Results for the Organization?

Here Comes the Tricky Part

Chapter 12. Start a Coaching Movement
Remember When We "Did" Coaching?

Organizational Considerations That Support Leadership Coaching

Final Words

Appendix: Thought Leadership Questions


"Dr. Elle Allison has once again brought her knowledge, passion, and energy to the coaching world to give us another layer that builds on her previous highly successful works. In a world of ever mounting educational challenges, Dr. Allison’s  work brings refreshing clarity in understanding transformational leadership coaching. Our school district continues to be totally committed to a coaching model and Dr. Allison provided the direction that started our journey.  Her guidance showed us the possibilities of what coaching could do to create systemic, long-term, and sustainable change. And there was no looking back!  Leadership coaching fully supports  our district’s vision, structures meaningful work, brings energy to the work, and builds capacity in our administrative teams, lead teachers, and classroom teachers.  Transformational  coaching is the most compelling model in the coaching literature and will sustain the meaningful change needed to improve instruction and provide world-class educational opportunities for students. Thank you, Dr. Allison."

Debbie Lee, , Executive Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction
Waterloo Community Schools

Flywheel is powerful, practical and empowering!  Elle Allison-Napolitano effectively provides the reader with a deep understanding of the tools and strategies of Leadership Coaching that support meaningful and productive conversations in educational environments.  Leaders will be inspired to apply the 'Powerful Coaching Conversation' process to promote growth, enhance performance and to transform the culture of their schools by investment in collaborative, sustainable change.”

Doreen M. Corrente, Executive Director
R I Center For School Leadership

Flywheel is a must read for any professional hoping to make organizational change through leadership coaching. Elle Allison-Napolitano’s writing is engaging with rich stories, strong research and easy to follow instructions that will build leadership capacity in any organization.”

Dr. Ann W. Davis, Clinical Assistant Professor
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“I know there are a lot of “brands” of coaching out there, but Flywheel puts together the skills of great coaching that makes it appealing and manageable for people who may never have thought of themselves as a leader who could coach. Flywheel has synthesized the craft of coaching to a form that is both understandable and accessible to anyone wanting to support others in their important work.”

Tracee Grigsby-Turner, Supervisor of Professional Development
Alief ISD, TX

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