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Educating Immigrant Students in the 21st Century

Educating Immigrant Students in the 21st Century
What Educators Need to Know

Second Edition

November 2008 | 344 pages | Corwin
The updated edition will offer the most updated, useful, and relevant information on immigration and immigrant students. Rong and Preissle will help educators understand the significance of the demographic data on immigration and what it means to their schools. By analyzing various educational practices and policies, the authors guide educaotrs in finding evidence-based practices and policies that can improve the environment for immigrant studtents.
About the Authors
1. Immigration and U.S. Schools
2. Immigrant Children, Their Families, and Environment
3. Learning English and Maintaining Heritage Languages
4. Educational Attainment
5. Immigrant Children From Asia
6. Immigrant Children From the Caribbean and Africa
7. Immigrant Children From Latin America
8. Immigrant Children From Middle Eastern Countries
Sources of Information

"Rong and Preissle have again done an impressive job of combining current census and other data to paint a detailed picture of immigration to the U.S., and of making the case for an equitable approach to schooling all of America’s children. They provide practical recommendations for teachers and administrators on how to use this knowledge to make informed decisions about programs and practices, especially in the area of assessment and other accountability measures."

Marisa Castellano, Visiting Associate Professor
University of Louisville

"A comprehensive and important examination of the education of immigrant students in the U.S. Rong and Preissle’s focus on cultural and linguistic transformation across four generations is truly unique."

Stacey J. Lee, Professor of Educational Policy Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Rong and Preissle’s first edition has become a standard reference for the education of immigrant students. The evolution and expansion of their research to encompass transnational and transcultural theoretical frameworks is cutting edge and absolutely timely given the changing, almost discursive nature of immigration within an increasingly complicated and shifting world context."

A. Lin Goodwin, Associate Dean and Professor of Education
Teachers College, Columbia University

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