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Don't Smile Until December, and Other Myths About Classroom Teaching

Don't Smile Until December, and Other Myths About Classroom Teaching

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February 2006 | 104 pages | Corwin
Teaching is a complex profession, made more complex by many of the myths about teaching told by teachers themselves. This lively new book by veteran teacher educator Peggy Deal Redman identifies eight of the most powerful and longstanding myths about classroom teaching, and explains the classroom realities too often hidden by the myths.

Explore the real truth about such myths as "Good teachers are born, not made"; "Good teachers don't make mistakes"; "Teaching is a dead end job"; "They can't learn, they belong to special education," and more. Each chapter explores the reality behind the myth against the backdrop of today's professional learning communities, where teachers and teacher leaders know that every child can learn and that every teacher is a lifelong learner who grows through caring, collaboration, and reflection.

All chapters include classroom stories, reflective questions, how-to tips and strategies, and inspirational quotations. In the words of Peggy Redman, "Smile as early on and as often as you can to build a healthy classroom climate."

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1. Myth #1: Don’t Smile Until December
Reality: Smile as Early On and as Often as You Can to Build a Healthy Classroom Climate

2. Myth #2: Teaching Is a Cushy Job
Reality: Teaching Is Hard Work and Requires Year-Round Planning in Addition to Daily Preparation and Professional Development

3. Myth #3: Good Teachers Are Born, Not Made
Reality: Teachers Are Lifelong Learners Continually Growing in Their Profession From Their “Aha” Moments Through Their Veteran Mentoring Years

4. Myth #4: Good Teachers Don’t Make Mistakes
Reality: Good Teachers Learn From Their Most Dramatic Mistakes

5. Myth #5: Good Teachers Teach Facts
Reality: Good Teachers Teach the Whole Child How to Think and Learn

6. Myth #6: They Can’t Learn; They Belong in Special Education
Reality: Every Child Can Learn and Is Legally Entitled to the Best Education

7. Myth #7: Teaching Is a Lonely Job
Reality: Teaching Is a Collaborative Profession and Today’s Schools Are Professional Learning Communities

8. Myth #8 Teaching Is a Dead End Job
Reality: The Rewards of Teaching Are Unending


"Each chapter stands alone, which makes them a handy resource for a quick reference or re-read...I loved all the references and quotes--good resources for additional information...would be a great recommended course book for student teachers."

Debbie Gordon
Phoenix, AZ

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