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From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom

From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom
Hopeful Essays for 21st Century Learning

Foreword by Milton Chen

March 2012 | 240 pages | Corwin
An expert perspective on 21st century education

What can you learn on a cell phone? Almost anything! How does that concept fit with our traditional system of education? It doesn't. Best-selling author and futurist Marc Prensky's

book of essays challenges educators to "reboot" and make the changes necessary to prepare students for 21st century careers. His "bottom-up" vision is based on interviews with young people and includes their ideas about what they need from teachers, schools, and education. Also featured are easy-to-do, high-impact classroom strategies that help what he calls "digital natives" acquire "digital wisdom." This thought-provoking text is organized into two sections that address:

• Rethinking education

• 21st century learning and technology in the classroom (including games, YouTube, and more)

In addition to valuable knowledge, this compelling collection offers inspiration, new perspectives, and ideas that work. Our educational context has changed, and a new context demands new thinking. This book will broaden your mind, spark new insights regarding how and what you teach, and reshape your vision of 21st century education.

Foreword by Milton Chen
About the Author
I. Rethinking Education
1. The Reformers Are Leaving Our Schools in the 20th Century
2. On Learning
3. Educaiton as Rocket Science
4. Turning On the Lights
5. Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants
6. The Emerging Online Life of the Digital Native
7. Young Minds, Fast Times
8. Blame Our Young? Or Use Their Passion!
9. To Educate, We Must Listen
10. Bringing the Future to School: The Prensky Challenge
11. An Open Letter to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Questions for Reflection
II. 21st Century Learning, and Technology in the Classroom
12. The Role of Technology in Teaching and the Classroom
13. Backup Education?
14. Simple Changes in Current Practices May Save Our Schools
15. The Longer View: Why YouTube Matters
16. Beyond the Lemonade Stand
17. Types of Learning and Possible Game Styles
18. On Being Disrespected
19. Let's Be "Digital Multipliers"
20. Search Versus Research
21. Simulation Nation
22. What Can You Learn From a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!
23. The True 21st Century Literacy Is Programming
Epilogue: From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom
Questions for Reflection
Final Note

“Bringing together several of his always-provocative essays to describe his vision for the future of education, Marc Prensky offers several insights that are sure to spark a conversation and force you to question your convictions about education. Perhaps the most important one is that we should listen to the students themselves and use their insights to inform us in how we can help them succeed.”

Michael Horn, Co-Author of Disrupting Class and Executive Director
Education of Innosight Institute

"In a set of thought-provoking essays, Marc Prensky shows that the digital age is poised to disrupt learning. He provides a glimpse of a digital future few might imagine."

Eric Mazur, Balkanski Professor of Physics and of Applied Physics and Area Dean of Applied Physics
Harvard University

“Marc Prensky's phrase "digital natives" has entered the international lexicon, and he continues to offer insightful and even startling commentary as we move ever deeper into the heart of an exciting new cultural era."

Lawrence Lipsitz, Editor
Educational Technology Magazine

"In this fine collection of essays, Marc Prensky does what few education thinkers today seem willing or able to do: engage in breakthrough thinking about teaching and learning while also honoring teachers, students, and their futures!"

David Engle, former Superintendent and Principal, Educational Leader


"Marc Prensky has been a thought leader for this
generation of forward-thinking educators. This collection of essays will push
you, inspire you and challenge your beliefs about what students can do."

Chris Lehmann, Founding Principal
Science Leadership Academy

"The author's first-person experiences as an educator directing these young 'digital natives' with the wisdom of an experienced educator makes this rich with examples pulled from classroom interactions."

Midwest Book Review, April 2012

"My 6 year old son really opened my eyes to the truth in your writings. My son is very bright, but he claims he hates school and he fights me at home when I try to get him to read or practice his writing. But he LOVES games! Some days he would come home from school and ask to go online and have me find a website for him that they used at school. These games got him to practice the skills I wanted him to but in a way that engaged him."

Emily, Teacher
South Dakota

"This collection of essays is a must read for all 21st century educators."

Library Media Reivew, Vol 21 #2. October 2012

I think this is better as a supplemental resource than a text. Still, I think it's a great book!

Dr Paul Beaudoin
Humanities Dept, Fitchburg State College
February 26, 2013

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