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Digital Learning for All, Now

Digital Learning for All, Now
A School Leader's Guide for 1:1 on a Budget

Foreword by Kenneth R. Freeston

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May 2012 | 208 pages | Corwin
This book provides school and district leaders with 2 important things: 1) a field tested process and strategies for making the shift from a print to a digital learning environment; and 2) tools for implementing that process. By taking advantage of the constant innovation in the device market and a new generation of open-source resources, the author will show how to affordably transform print school systems into ones that leverage the power of one-to-one computing to become substantially digital and royalty free learning centers. In addition, he will show educators how to create the supporting instructional frameworks required for making the transition to one-to-one pay off for student learning.Divided into 3 sections, the first part of the book makes the case for change by examining the research and todayÆs educational context. The second part of the book focuses on the practical strategies needed to get a one-to-one instructional environment in an era of limited financial resources, including open source resources, and Bring Your Own Devices. The final part of the book explores the systemic changes that need to accompany the implementation of one-to-one in order for its promise to become a reality, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development.
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Foreword by Kenneth R. Freeston
Preface: Potential Within Reach
About the Author
Part I: Why We Need Digital Learning for All, Now
1. Beyond a Doubt: Digital Is the Future of Teaching and Learning
Starting With the End in Mind

Truth 1: The Future of Learning and Work Is Digital

Truth 2: Proper Preparation for the Digital Age Requires Digital Access

Truth 3: Continued Investment in Print Is a Waste

Chapter Summary

Part II: Getting to 1:1
2. BYOD: Crowdsourcing Hardware and Closing the Equity Gap
An Introduction to Bring Your Own Device

Three Trends that Make BYOD Possible

Implementation Challenges for BYOD

Planning for the Issues and Adjustments Needed for BYOD

Chapter Summary

3. Take the Open Path: The Browser and Open Source--Saving Money and Improving Learning
Introduction to Open-Source Software

How Much Can We Save?

Open Source Productivity Software Resources

Strategies for Supporting Open-Source Change

Open Source and Online Instructional Materials

Free, Engaging, and Rigorous

4. Overcoming Barriers to Success: Strategies for Defeating the Inertia of Print and Other Blocking Forces
Unwavering Faith

Barrier 1: It's All About Control--Part A: Curriculum and Instruction

Barrier 1: It's All About Control--Part B: Access and Equipment

Barrier 2: One Size Fits All

Barrier 3: Risk Aversion

Chapter Summary

Part III: Building the System
5. Systems and Measurement: Aligning Instruction, Assessment, and Support Systems With 21st Century Outcomes
Three Phases of Technology Integration

Systems of School Improvement and Their Impact on 21st Century Learning

Four Foundational Systems: Part 1--Focus, Focus, Focus

Four Foundational Systems: Part 2--Instruction and Assessment

The Next Level: Critical Support Systems--Curriculum and Communication

The Next Level: Professional Support, Professional Evaluation, and Resource Deployment

Chapter Summary: What Is Your Readiness for Realignment?

6. Leading the Change Process: Modeling the Skills and Behaviors We Expect From Our Students
Staring Into the Abyss

21st Century Skills: Modeling the Change We Hope to See

Skill 1: Communication

Skill 2: Independence and Collaboration

Skill 3: Innovation and Adaptability

Skill 4: Critical Thinking

Skill 5: Information Literacy

Skill 6: Personal Responsibility


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The companion website for Digital Learning for All, Now contains downloadable resources and reflections to enhance your understanding and improve your experience with the book. Please check the book for the password to view protected areas of this website.

"A must-read for all who desire to make technology integration a priority in their school."

Amie Brown, Gifted ELA Teacher
Armuchee Middle School, GA

"This book is for teachers and schools seeking to truly prepare students’ for the future. It moves past the excuses and into a plan for legitimate and practical technology use. If you buy just one book this year, this is the one. It will change your school and the life of your students!"

Renee Peoples, Third-Grade Teacher
West Elementary School, Bryson City, NC

"Digital Learning addresses the importance of our ever-growing world of technology. It helps educators to stay abreast of the newest technologies and better assist their students."

Tanna Nicely, Assistant Principal
Dogwood Elementary, Knoxville, TN

"This book supplies all of the tools necessary to make the leap off the cliff into the next evolution in education. Here you will find the support you need to overcome the risks, get through the mess, and make the best change for our students."

J. Petrina McCarty-Puhl, Forensic Science Teacher
Robert McQueen High School, Reno, NV

"WOW! I wish I had this book several years ago. It sets an intellectual framework and then provides a pragmatic view that leads to implementation. This timely text should be read by all educators. It gives multiple on-ramps to the instruction, content, and context of this century."

Dr. Rick Miller, Superintendent
Riverside Unified School District, CA

"This book is the answer to the question that everybody has been asking about the 21st century classroom. For those who have stated, 'Wait until we are ready,' this is the resource that will make it happen now!"

Lyndon Oswald, Principal
Sandcreek Middle School, Ammon, ID

"Costa's blueprint is not just a theoretical exercise. He takes the reader step-by-thoughtful-step through teh process of making this drastic change in an affordable manner and with a plan."

Beth E. Anderson

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Chapter 1: Beyond a Doubt

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