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Defusing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

Defusing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

Foreword by Robert H. Horner

August 2010 | 168 pages | Corwin
A teacher's initial response to the different kinds of behaviours that occur in the classroom often determines what the student or students might do next. In this sense, initial and subsequent interactions are critical moments that can change the direction of student behaviour. This book presents strategies for responding to common problem behaviours to both defuse the situation and correct the problem.

Defusing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom is primarily designed for teachers--who are on the frontline for addressing problem behaviour in schools--as well as specialists and behaviour support teams who have the responsibility of assisting teachers with managing challenging and persistent behavioural issues. School administrators who are charged with following-up directly with student office referrals and other serious behaviour issues will also find this resource invaluable. Readers will learn about seven key behaviour principles and strategies for defusing:

- Off-task behaviour

- Rule infractions

- Disrespectful behaviour

- Agitation and acting out

- Noncompliance and testing the limits of authority.

Foreword by Robert H. Horner
About the Author
1. Seven Key Behavioral Principles
2. Defusing Off-Task Behavior
3. Defusing Rule Infractions
4. Defusing Disrespectful Behavior
5. Defusing Agitation
6. Defusing Noncompliance and Limit Testing
Closing Remarks

"Geoff Colvin provides teachers a set of very useful, clear, and sensible tools to manage the behavior of a very important, often-overlooked contributor to their classroom environment: themselves. His strategies are a welcome booster shot for veteran teachers and a great foundation for new teachers just learning the intricacies of balancing instruction and environment in their classrooms. Colvin's research-based ideas are already finding their way into my daily routine."

Mike McCornack, Technology Coordinator/Choral Director
Willamette High School, Eugene, OR

"The goal of Colvin's work is teacher fluency in their first response to behavior, and I have already witnessed this in action as I observe our early career teachers. It is difficult, if not impossible, to provide quality instruction without effective classroom management. Every early career teacher needs to be well equipped with the concepts Colvin provides in this book."

Krista D. Parent, Superintendent
South Lane School District, Cottage Grove, OR

"Colvin establishes the importance of empowering teachers with a range of specific, practical, research-based strategies to prevent problem behaviors from occurring and to respond effectively when problems do occur. Each strategy is grounded not only in applied behavior analytic techniques, but also respectful approaches to fostering more positive student-teacher interactions. Each chapter provides step-by-step instruction and clearly articulated illustrations. The strategies increase in intensity to support increasingly challenging behaviors. Colvin does an excellent job of teaching the reader the importance of the first response when undesirable behaviors occur."

Kathleen Lane, Associate Professor of Special Education
Vanderbilt Peabody College

"This is exactly what every teacher needs when dealing with problem behavior! I tried Colvin's strategies in my classroom and they worked! The students who had problems have done a total turnaround with the tactics that Colvin said would work! I was shocked to see how easy they were to use and implement. It has totally changed my classroom!"

Jennifer Stargel, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Allen Elementary School, Marion, IN

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