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Decent Work

Decent Work
Insights from India's IT Industry

First Edition

October 2013 | 312 pages | SAGE India
‘Decent Work’ is a concept developed by the International Labour Organisation that sums up the aspirations of people in work life. This book provides a consolidated and encompassing guide to the underlying philosophy, meaning and theory of the decent work paradigm. It also provides an empirical analysis of the current status of decent work in the Information Technology (IT) industry of India adopting a pragmatic approach towards the measurement of decent work.

One of the purposes of this study is to unfold different dimensions of decent work and counter the general perceptions about work conditions in the IT industry. Surprisingly, work was not found to be decent for a majority of Indian IT employees on various indicators.

The key features of this book are: a thorough conceptual coverage; rich literature review; cross-examination of decent work indicators in the context of India’s IT industry; construction of Decent Work Index (DWI) at the micro-level; indices for each decent work indicator; primary data based on questionnaire responses; and detailed discussion on the implications of deficiency of decent work in India in general and the IT industry in particular.
Foreword Gerry Rodgers
Concept and Philosophy
Theoretical Foundations of Decent Work
Measuring Decent Work
Selected Decent Work Indicators in Detail
Section A: India’s IT Industry - An Overview

An Introduction to Global Information Economy and IT
India’s IT Industry in the Global Information Economy
Key Features of IT Industry's Labour Market: A Critical Review
Empirical Studies on IT Industry and Its Labour Market
Applicability of Decent Work to India’s IT Industry
Section B: An Empirical Assesment of Decent Work Status in India’s IT Industry

Methodology of the Study and Key Features of the Sample
Decent Work and Productive Employment
Decent Work and Flexitime Work in IT industry
Decent Work and Safe Work
Decent Work and Work-life Balance of IT Employees
Decent Work, Employment Conditions and Social Dialogue in IT Industry
Decent Workplace and IT Industry in India
Decent Work in IT Industry: Overall Scenario
Conclusion and Policy Implications of Assessment of Decent Work in India

An in-depth understanding of work culture prevalent in the Indian IT industry...the authors go to great extent to explain the decent work paradigm, starting with ILO definition and then throw light on the philosophy of decent a good understanding to the newcomer about the working of Indian IT labour market. It raises important issues of Indian education throws light on issues pertinent to human capital perspective and returns of human capital in IT sector in India...from the point of view of policymakers and IT companies, the study holds great importance...the HR policy makers may be forced to take a look at existing employment hours so as to increase the productivity at the workplace...the study is relevant and throws light on areas not dealt before.

Paradigm, Vol 18

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