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Cooperative Problem-Solving Activities for Social Studies, Grades 6-12

Cooperative Problem-Solving Activities for Social Studies, Grades 6-12

Second Edition

September 2008 | 200 pages | Corwin
Give your students the opportunity to think, to discover, and to learn together! The second edition of Catch Them Thinking in Social Studies demonstrates how teachers can use cooperative learning strategies to fully engage students in the social studies curriculum. The authors offer engaging activities and a variety of problem-solving lessons in five areas of social studies instruction: geography, politics, economics, culture, and history.

This updated edition includes new activities and helps teachers prepare students to:

- Rely on themselves and their peers for information

- Work closely with others Make suggestions

- Use trial-and-error strategies Have fun learning about social studies

Foreword by Tim Erickson
About the Authors
1. Geography: Time Zones, Maps, and Population Counts
Activity 1: The IBA: Globe Trotting

Activity 2: The IBA: Time Zones

Activity 3: The IBA: Playoff Schedule

Activity 4: The IBA: Satellite TV

Activity 5: Maps of the United States and Canada

Activity 6: Demographics: "Population Shifts"

Activity 7: World Rankings

Activity 8: US Population Clock Projections

Activity 9: World Population Clock Projections

2. Politics: US Political Processes
Activity 10: The President's Cabinet

Activity 11: Apportionment

Activity 12: Apportionment: The Equal Proportions Method

Activity 13: Gerrymandering a State

Activity 14: Gerrymandering a County

Activity 15: The Electoral College and the Election of 1824

Activity 16: "Capitol" Murder: How to Kill a Bill

Activity 17: Coming to America

3. Economics: My Money, Our Money
Activity 18: Interest(ing) Times

Activity 19: The IRS and the Single Taxpayer

Activity 20: The Power of Diversification

Activity 21: Family Matters

Activity 22: Social Security Retirement Benefits

Activity 23: Watch Your Money Grow

Activity 24: Watch Your Money Go!

Activity 25: Mortgage Smorgasbord

Activity 26: To Buy or Not to Buy

Activity 27: Real and Personal Property Taxes

4. Cultures: Mystery From History
Activity 28: Succession to the British Throne (Part 1)

Activity 29: Succession to the British Throne (Part 2)

Activity 30: Royal Surfing (Part 1)

Activity 31: Royal Surfing (Part 2)

Activity 32: Roman Numerals

Activity 33: Mayan Math (Part 1)

Activity 34: Mayan Math (Part 2)

Activity 35: Search for the Zytar (Part 1)

Activity 36: Search for the Zytar (Part 2)

Activity 37: Search for the Zytar (Part 3)

5. History: Perspectives on Past Events
Activity 38: The American Revolution

Activity 39: The Election of 1824

Activity 40: The 1850's

Activity 41: The Roaring Twenties

Activity 42: What's in a Name?

Activity 43: Five Great Presidents

Activity 44: The Headright System

Activity 45: US Population Growth 1790-1860


“Cooperative group learning is a powerful approach, and this book provides explicit ideas and guidelines.”

Stephanie van Hover, Associate Professor of Social Studies Education
University of Virginia

“These activities will foster participation and critical thinking in the classroom.”

R. Jon Frey, Director of Speech Activities
Aberdeen Central High School, SD

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