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Building Student Resilience, K–8

Building Student Resilience, K–8
Strategies to Overcome Risk and Adversity

January 2013 | 112 pages | Corwin
Building Student Resilience, K-8 presents strategies and solutions that can easily be implemented in the school and classroom to improve engagement and teacher-student and administrator-student relationships. By using these strategies and understanding how these relationships affect performance, teachers can help students learn at a higher level regardless of risk factors.

This book provides a detailed and comprehensive treatment of resiliency and working with at-risk students. Readers will learn about the power of establishing caring connected relationships between adults and students in schools across our country. You will also discover how increasing student engagement can propel students' academics quickly upward as achievement gaps are vastly narrowed and student learning greatly improves.

Introduction: Turning Points, Urgently Identifying the Roadblocks to Student Success
1. How Do We Know They Will Bounce Back?: Evidence from the Record Books
2. The Caring School Team: The Schoolwide Game Plan
3. The Engaging Classroom Team: The Classroom Game Plan
4. What We Urgently Stand For and Against: Does Your School Truly Put Student Learning First?
5. All Star Performance

"Resiliency is a key to the intellectual and emotional development of students. Unfortunately, too many educational policies focus on threats and punishments rather than resiliency. Gabe Simon's splendid book is a welcome antidote for teachers and administrators who want to improve student results, but who also love and care for the students they serve. With an astonishing amount of evidence from a wide variety of sources, Simon makes the definitive case for strategies that are practical and effective. Best of all, Simon amplifies the power of his evidence through the voices of students. The reader is compelled to engage in what the author calls "tenacious caring" not because it raises test scores, but because it is the moral imperative of our profession."

Douglas Reeves, Founder, The Leadership and Learning Center

"Virtually all educators endorse the general idea that students will be more successful in and connected to their schools if they have the benefit of caring relationships and high levels of engagement. The challenge of course, is determining how schools can create these conditions for every student. The Building Student Resilience, K-8 provides the answer to that challenge. It offers specific steps and tools educators can utilize in their schools and classrooms. Furthermore, it offers a novel idea for assessing the levels of caring relationships and student engagement in a school – asking the students themselves. This book has a lot to offer. I recommend it highly."

Dr. Richard DuFour, Educational author and Consultant

"Dr. Simon starts this book with a reminder from the late, great, Dr. Ron Edmonds that schools can still override almost anything happening in the life of a child. With the use of basketball and sports analogies, inspirational quotes, templates for student success and detailed analysis of data, Dr. Simon provides concrete strategies for propelling "at-risk" youth. In using scientific methodology on student risk behaviors, student resiliency, teacher practices and student test scores to show what school teams and especially school leaders can accomplish in obtaining improved student outcomes, Dr. Simon makes certain his readers will get results. GAME ON!"

Dr. Crystal A. Kuykendall, author of From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students

"This is a wonderful, well-researched book, full of statistics and practical strategies that work for at-risk youths and those from high-poverty environments.
It is a must-read for any practitioner working with these students."

Ruby Payne, Ph.D., Author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty and From Understanding Poverty to Developing Human Capacity

"Most learning starts from ‘not knowing’ or making errors. Resiliency, therefore, is among the most critical factors in helping students try again, engage in deliberate practice, and develop a fundamental skill of learning. Gabe Simon’s book is the right mix of theory and practice that demands a call to action to create turning points for all students by developing their resilience in the face of risks. A must read, particularly for school leaders, as it shows that developing resilience is key to then raising achievement in a school."

John Hattie, Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute
Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

"An excellent resource for planning for today's schools. Make your school a caring community for all students!"

Pamela B. Maxwell, Principal
Peace River School District, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

"This book offers excellent resources to support the social and emotional needs of students. The current emphasis on achievement scores has focused on the academic development of our students, but this book provides the resources needed to support the whole child."

Edward C. Nolan, Supervisor of Mathematics, PreK-Grade 12
Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, Maryland

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