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Brain-Friendly Study Strategies, Grades 2-8

Brain-Friendly Study Strategies, Grades 2-8
How Teachers Can Help Students Learn

February 2008 | 208 pages | Corwin
Authors Amy Schwed and Jan Melichar-Utter share their concept of integrating study skills and brain research by offering practical, ready-to-use strategies for all content areas and school levels. The book offers techniques to energise teachers who will motivate and guide their students in developing brain-friendly, lifelong study skills.

The authors present approaches designed to help educators create more effective learning experiences for their students. Fun and engaging study activities tailored to the unique learning style of each student include:

o Musical rhythmic studying

o Walking down verbal linguistic lane

o Running on the body kinesthetic track, and more

Brain-Friendly Study Skills also covers the physical and emotional needs of a healthy brain, how the brain and memory function, and how different modalities affect learning.

A Guide to Study Strategy Activities in the Chapters, With Corresponding Grade Levels
About the Authors
1. Introducing the Brain: Hooking Into Your Memory
2. Learning What Works for You: Modalities and Styles Awareness
3. Rethinking How We Learn: Each Brain is Unique
4. This Way to a Healthy Brain: The All-Important “TIONS”
5. Be-Boppin' the Brain: Musical Rhythmic Studying
6. Talking Tightens Memory: Walking Down Verbal/Linguistic Lane
7. Pumping up Memory With Muscles: Running on the Bodily/Kinesthetic Track
8. Seeing Your Thoughts: Sightseeing on the Visual/Spatial Route
9. Organizing to Know: Marching Down Trails of Logic
10. Learning Together: It’s More Than Just Me
11. Timing Is Everything: Planning the Journey
Thinking About How We Study: Understanding the Path to Classroom Success

"The book piqued my curiosity and hooked me in from chapter one. This is an easy, friendly read with great strategies and lots of examples. It provides interesting and important information for educators."

Marilee Sprenger, Educational Consultant
Author, Memory 101 for Educators

"The authors have solved the classroom teacher’s dilemma in one innovative, comprehensive, teacher-friendly book. They cleverly present a myriad of easy-to-follow strategies that are applicable to the increasingly diverse learning styles of students. Kudos to the authors for giving teachers a treasure trove of novel, concrete, and fun-filled strategies that will reach, rally, and rouse all learners."

Patricia DeLessio, Professor of English and Reading
Dutchess Community College

"This book is an interactive, user-friendly view of brain-based research and its influence on teaching and learning. Highly accessible to the reader, it is welcome addition to the field."

Reva Cowan, Associate Professor of Education
Mount Saint Mary College

"An outstanding set of keys to understanding learning challenges and successes, and is an important key for teachers of Grades 2-8 who wish for more effective learning strategies for the classroom."

The Bookwatch, June 2008
Midwest Book Review

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