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The Book of Reading and Writing Ideas, Tips, and Lists for the Elementary Classroom

The Book of Reading and Writing Ideas, Tips, and Lists for the Elementary Classroom

February 2004 | 176 pages | Corwin
The aim of this book is to provide practical, research-based ideas that will help teachers strengthen their students' reading and writing performance. Each chapter provides practical ideas and resources designed for primary educators. This book approaches reading and writing programmes as if looking through two camera lenses. The first is a wide-angle view looking at the big picture, including effective schools research and the critical components of a complete, comprehensive reading and writing program. The second lens is a zoom lens focusing in on specific ideas, tips, lists and suggestions for strengthening students' reading and writing performance.
About the Author
1. A Practical Look at Literacy and Effective Schools Practices
Student-Centered Schools

Shared Purpose and Vision

Strong Instructional Leadership

Knowledgeable Staff Members

Alignment of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Information and Data Collection

Maximizing Available Resources

Abundant and Focused Staff Development

Strong Family and Community Involvement

Embedding Change & Seeking Continuous Improvement

First and Lasting Impressions-A Survey


2. Components of an Effective, Complete Reading Program
Read Aloud

Shared Reading

Guided Reading

Literacy Centers

Literature Circles

Independent Reading


3. Essential Elements of Reading Instruction
Phonemic Awareness


Non-Decodable, High-Frequency Words

Vocabulary Development

Language Structure




4. Components of an Effective, Complete Writing Program
Modeled Writing

Interactive Writing

Structured Writing

Writers Workshop

Independent Writing


5. Teaching Writing Skills in Context

Use of Language


Revision and Editing


6. Other Instructional Factors Impacting the Success of
Reading and Writing Programs


7. Meeting the Needs of Struggling Readers

Classroom Instruction

Effective Reading Instruction

Instructional Time

Appropriate Materials

Program Options

Use of Resources

School-Wide Communication

Family Programs

Community Programs

Policy Decisions


8. Information Gathering and Data Collection
9. Staff Training Ideas
10. Fifty 10-Minute Tips for "Leaders" to Use to Impact the
Reading and Writing Performance of Students

11. 101 Parent Tips to Enhance Literacy
References and Suggested Readings

Here's a book you'll use over and over again. It's a practical, easy-to-use resource for every teacher who wants his or her students to be better readers and writers. Packed with activities, suggestions, and ideas—it's hard to decide which one to try first!

Tita Mallory, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Aberdeen School District, WA

A hands-on book for teachers to create engaging learning opportunities for students. A comprehensive guide that will become the teacher's best friend.

Linda Holliman, Educational Consultant
Littleton, CO

It’s all here! Anderson has included everything from research on effective literacy to specific instructional strategies to use in your classroom tomorrow.

Mike Nelson, Assistant Superintendent
Enumclaw School District, WA

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ISBN: 9780761939573