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Balancing Leadership and Personal Growth

Balancing Leadership and Personal Growth
The School Administrator's Guide

Foreword by Paul D. Houston, Executive Director, AASA

April 2006 | 168 pages | Corwin
How can school administrators not only survive but also maintain a positive vision and a sense of purpose for improving education in such an environment? What personal coping strategies can leaders use to successfully meet the challenges of their jobs and maintain a balance in their lives?

This book aims to help school leaders be more successful at focusing on the most critical goal of all education professionals – to promote maximum student learning while staying healthy and balanced. It provides strategies for school leaders to better cope with stresses and changes, remain healthy, attain a balanced life, and find meaning in who they are and what they do.

Foreword by Paul D. Houston
About the Author
1. Taking Care of Yourself as Well as You Do Others
2. Defining Personal Growth
3. Finding Time for Yourself While Working on Behalf of Others
4. Strategies for Personal Growth: Becoming a More Balanced Person
5. Physical Activities: Taking Care of Your Body
6. Reflective Reading: Nourishing Your Spirit and Soul
7. Music, Art, Writing, and Other Creative Work: Engaging Transformative Powers
8. Time for and With Yourself: Silence, Solitude and Meditation
9. Dreamwork: Knowing Your Whole Self
10. Spending Time With Those Who Care About You: Another Way to Balance
11. Fulfilling Your Purpose as a Leader and Finding Meaning as a Person
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"There are thousands of books that address leadership and management. Dr. Metzger's, however, book starts with the person and focuses on the inner strength needed to be the visionary leader other books describe."

Angel Barrett, Principal
Plummer Elementary School, North Hills, CA

"Overdue, insightful, to the point, yet compassionate and personal. I would recommend this book to all administrators for immediate reading. Includes some great suggestions for individual improvement and peace of mind."

John Kenneth Amato, Principal
Maple Place Middle School, Oceanport, NJ

"Dr. Metzger has hit the nail on the head with her firsthand knowledge of the hectic and highly demanding education profession. Educational leadership begins with a healthy body and mind. My advice to those in the trenches of administration and the classroom is this: read Metzger's book and follow her sage advise to the letter! You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and most importantly, to your students."

Alfredo Gamez, School Board Member
Tolleson Elementary School District, AZ

"Christa Metzger has done a great service to those called to the profession of school administration. At a time when the pressures of that profession have never been greater, she shows us the very practical pathways to personal growth, inner development, and authenticity that are the basis of great leadership in any human endeavor. Dr. Metzger writes from a place of sound research and not 'one in a row' anecdotes. But the real power in this book comes from her personal passion and depth of experience. It will be an important—perhaps even essential—resource for those who share her commitment to school leadership."

C. Michael Thompson, Leadership Development Consultant

"Balancing Leadership and Personal Growth provides both insights and answers. It looks into the lives of leaders and illuminates the challenges and stresses placed on those who have volunteered to step forward. At the same time, it not only provides answers but provokes thought and reflection."

Richard Castallo, Chair, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
California State University at Northridge

"I was so pleased to have discovered this book. It is a gift to all of us who are passionately struggling to discover our balanced lives."

Anne K. Garceau, Principal
Hillsboro School District, OR

"I truly appreciate the author's practical approach to leading a balanced life. This book teaches us how to decompress so that we may respond appropriately to the stresses in school leadership. It's important to acknowledge and address this need, especially as part of the training for new school administrators."

Marisa Sarian, Assistant Principal
Pasadena High School, CA

"As someone who has worked with educational leaders in Arizona and nationally for 39 years, Metzger's examples are very real and her suggestions hit the mark! Administrators will benefit from this unique and helpful guide for achieving the kind of balance that will make them more effective as leaders and as human beings."

Harold Porter, Executive Director
Arizona School Administrators

"Christa Metzger has provided a heartfelt syllabus for maintaining the all-important connections between mind and body, between physical and psychological experience. Know yourself, she counsels, and then she provides a multitude of tips both large and small to light the way. If a difficult journey begins with a single step, heeding the invaluable counsel of this book is the right first step to take."

Robert W. Cole, Former Editor-in-Chief, Phi Delta Kappan
President, Educational Press Association of America

"Offers strategies for achieving a healthy work and life balance, finding meaning as a leader, nourishing one's spirit, cultivating relationships, and finding time for solitude and meditation."

District Administration, May 2006

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