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Active Lessons for Active Brains

Active Lessons for Active Brains
Teaching Boys and Other Experiential Learners, Grades 3–10

May 2011 | 248 pages | Corwin
What to do when their feet just can't keep still

If you're tired of repeating yourself to students who aren't listening, try a little less talk and a lot more action. The authors follow the best-selling Teaching the Male Brain and Teaching the Female Brain with this ready-to-use collection of mathematics, language arts, science, and classroom management strategies. Designed for active, hands-on learners—whether male or female—the text provides more than 70 specific lesson plans for addressing students' common challenges, already differentiated to match their experiential learning style. The many benefits include:

- Increased student engagement

- Improved retention of subject matter

- Enhanced capacity to focus on tasks

- A more orderly classroom

This resource contains a wealth of examples, visuals, and material that can be easily reproduced in the classroom. Suitable for upper elementary to high school students, lesson plans can be readily adapted to suit your curriculum. If you're ready for a solution that works, dive into this book and get moving!

About the Authors
1. A Brief Look at Experiential Learners
The Active Brain: Male or Female

Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Study Strategies

2. Math
General Math



3. Language Arts

Writing and Grammar

4. Science
5. Study Strategies

“James, Allison, and McKenzie provide teachers with concrete lessons that engage students, as well as research-based background on why these activities are needed. The included lessons give numerous examples of how teachers can approach the learning process to fully engage students. Active Lessons for Active Brains is a valuable resource for teachers in any content area and at any grade level.”

David Chadwell, Coordinator, Single-Gender Initiatives, Office of Public School Choice and Innovation
South Carolina Department of Education, Columbia, SC

"Active Lessons for Active Brains is a great resource for those new to teaching who may need some guidance, as well as those seasoned veterans looking for fresh lessons to enhance what they already do. Most teachers understand that there are multiple modalities that children use in order to learn and the best educators are masters at using all of them in the classroom. These lessons will help students develop into active learners and move from a teacher-directed classroom to one of student engagement, inquiry and critical thinking."

Jay Greytok, Head of Middle School
The Haverford School, PA

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