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The Active Classroom Field Book

The Active Classroom Field Book
Success Stories From the Active Classroom

Edited by:
  • Ron Nash - Ron Nash and Associates, LLC

September 2010 | 152 pages | Corwin
The best classrooms are dynamic environments that actively engage students in learning. In this exciting new resource, best-selling author and educational consultant Ron Nash shares the stories of practicing teachers who have successfully implemented active teaching methods in their classrooms.

Expanding on the strategies in The Active Classroom, Nash uses educator stories and classroom vignettes to pinpoint how active techniques are working in schools across the country. This resource includes:

- Chapters on student-to-student conversations, classroom process, student movement, feedback, and continuous improvement through reflection

- Vignettes that set the stage for each chapter

- Lesson plan segments and anecdotes from teachers in primary and secondary and higher education settings.

Ideal as a companion to The Active Classroom or on its own, The Active Classroom Field Book is the ultimate resource to help teachers transform students into active participants in their own learning.

About the Author
1. Squeeze Play
2. For Whom the (Dinner) Bell Tolls
3. Setting the Table for Success
4. First One at the Bus Stop
5. Feedback Pure and Simple
6. When Teachers Tick and Classrooms Click
7. Energize, Energize, Energize
8. Reflecting on Reflection
Appendix A: Paired Verbal Fluency
Appendix B: Appointment Clock

"Easy to read and even easier to begin today to incorporate, this book is packed with ideas on how to let the students do the learning while the teacher guides them. The real-life vignettes included bring even more clarity to each concept, allowing the reader to experience the vitality each will bring to the classroom. I hope every educator in America will read this book and take from it to improve the teaching and learning process for all of our students and teachers."

William Richard Hall, Jr., Principal
Longan Elementary School, Henrico, VA

"Ron Nash has synthesized the best research today on making students active participants in their own learning. This would also be an excellent book for a school to read, discuss, and put into practice as a professional development opportunity. This book shows teachers how to plan their play, then play their plan.”

Roberta E. Glaser, Retired Assistant Superintendent
St. Johns Public Schools, MI

“Nash’s book should be a required reading for all teachers and administrators, new and experienced. It provides a road map that guides teachers and administrators with educating today’s youth. Fabulous!"

Monica Uphoff, Director of Assessment and Accountability
Coppell Independent School District, Corinth, TX

"Every teacher keeps two or three books for constant reference while planning units and designing lessons—this is one of those books! The Active Classroom Field Book provides field-tested strategies for engaging students in learning disguised as fun! It’s been well-documented that movement is related to cognition, and Nash capitalizes on this idea with the strategies and actual classroom examples that will have your students standing up to cheer!"

Jennifer Sinsel, Gifted Facilitator
Wichita Public Schools, KS

Sample Materials & Chapters



Chapter 1: Squeeze Play

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