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Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in Counselling

Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in Counselling
Practical Strategies and Provocative Themes

Second Edition

May 2008 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'I recommend the book as an essential, core, alternative or complementary text for trainees in counselling, hitting as it does, just the right notes of honesty, realism, humour and theory-made-digestible. It deserves to be on the reading lists of all certificate and diploma courses - now' - Colin Feltham, Sheffield Hallam University

Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in Counselling, Second Edition is a popular and down-to-earth guide to the common challenges which arise in everyday counselling practice. Drawing on humour and over 30 years experience, the authors describe a range of strategies to help practitioners and trainees through the 'sticky' moments and offer reassurance that 'you are not alone' in facing these dilemmas.

The book explores what to do when you:

" feel stuck and are failing to help the client move forward

" are faced with a client who struggles with verbal communication

" encounter a client with mental-health problems

" find interpersonal issues are affecting your view of a client

" find yourself at odds with the values of your client

The authors also tackle broader issues concerning what it means to be professional, tensions between theory and practice and offer a four-stage model of counselling as a framework for practice. The underlying goal of the book is to help readers see difficult moments as learning experiences and to feel empowered to be imaginative, creative and flexible practitioners.

Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in Counselling, Second Edition is a rich source of practical advice for trainees and practitioners.

Graham Dexter and Janice Russell are freelance trainers and consultants in counselling.

Welcome to the Concepts
Introduction and Overview

The Inside Story or Trapped and Alone with the Couch......
Me and You, You and Me
Interpersonal Issues

Do I Really Have to Sit Here And Listen to Anything, Even When I Think it's Drivel?

Tight Lips, Heavy Hearts
Articulating Without Words

Counselling Clients With Mental Health Problems
Let's Get all this Counselling Stuff into Perspective
We Can Only Do what We Can Do!

They Seek it Here, They Seek it There, They Seek for Counselling Everywhere...
Talk, Talk, Talk
What is all this About?

Philosophy, Psychology, Faith, and Goodwill
Getting in and Out of Counselling
Professional Issues

Blank Minds - Hardly Ever Sticky Moments - Not Any More!

Written with warmth and humour. This book brings humanity and realism to a variety of challenges frequently faced by counselling practitioners. A joy to read.

Mrs Izzy Poyntz
Department of Psychology, Roehampton University
December 13, 2014

An engaging and human evaluation of some key issues in counselling. The authors approach it in a clear, constructive, and humorous style, prompting much discussion amongst students. A useful work in facilitating debate and exploration for trainees.

Mr Mike Bancroft
Counselling, Alton College
April 23, 2012

A great companion for any counselling practitioner. This book is a warm and engaging, a "real" account of the possible highs and lows experienced as a counsellor.

Miss Lyndise Tarbuck
Centre for Health and Care, Colchester Institute
January 14, 2012

This is a must for all diploma students and counsellors alike

Mrs Mary Sherrill
Health & Social Care, Tresham Institute
November 3, 2011

A refreshing, exciting and candid resource of real hands-on experience and wisdom from two charming trainers who haven't forgotten the power of wit and humour in an otherwise very serious subject. I found this book informative, enlightening and a joy to read and have no hesitation therefore, in recommending it to every student of counselling. Bhavna Raithatha, Lecturer, Truro College

Miss Bhavna Raithatha
Please select your department, Truro College
July 12, 2010

Hard to navigate but if read through thoroughly then it eases many concerns and worries for trainees.

Mr Marc Tomlinson
Counselling Training, Keighley College
February 21, 2010

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